Book Review: The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

Happy Friday everybody! It’s been quite a hectic few weeks for me,but I have found some time to squeeze in not one but two book reviews!!!

I finished reading the power of six and right after I began reading the Rise of Nine and finished it, should be posting both here.

Lets begin!



The Power of Six? Please explain to me the meaning of this book? 

The Power of Six is the second book in the I am Number Four book series (I know the whole numbers in the titles don’t help). Book description:

They know about the charm.

They know about our legacies.

They caught Number One, Number Two, and Number Three.

They killed them all.

I am Number Seven. One of six still alive.

We are growing stronger.

We are starting to come together.

We are ready to fight.

We are the last defense.


Boy, they sure like to use the word ‘we’ can you explain a little more? 

In The Power of Six we are introduced to new characters and new stories (always fun). This book is from two points of view from Four aka John (all the way in America) and from Seven aka Marina (all the way in Spain).

*Please note if you have not read the first book (I am Number Four), you will most likely suffer from plot confusion, so before you harm yourself from reading any further or pick this book up….please read the first book 🙂


What are your own thoughts about this book? 

I thought the Power of Six was much more action filled then the first book…definitely (its ashamed the second movie isn’t being made). The new characters are interesting and they really add to the story. We learn more about the past of Lorien and it makes us understand more about their situation, and I LOVE when we find out about John’s past in Lorien and the letter from Henri….amazing. I also enjoyed how one chapter it was Four aka John narrating and then the next chapter its Seven aka Marina.

One thing that did get me mad was when something is happening or something is about to happen to one character and then you turn the page and you’re reading from the other person’s point of view from the other side of the world. So its like two completely different stories happening at the same time (annoying at times but very interesting and cool).


John is still in the book, its from his point of view, don’t worry he is still there.

Six is also still in this book and we get to know more about her past and how she became the tough worrier type of girl she is. In the first book we only meet her in the end but she plays a big role in the next two books.

Sarah, she comes in a part….after reading this book and the third book you will have mixed feelings for her.

Sam, also in this story, very funny.

Marina, new character she is number 7, this book is also from her point of view as well.

BERNIE KOSAR (BK), yes he is here!!! Gaa, have I ever mentioned before how much I love this dog?!

*In the end of this book you will meet a new character and he is my new favorite…I might have to say even more than BK…..actually I take that back, they are both equal to me 🙂

Content of this book?

It is still recommended for 14+ but I think younger readers (age of 12 or so) can read this. There is violence like the first book (maybe a bit more). Yes, there are curse words but I don’t believe it is as much as the first book.


Who do you recommend this book to? 

I recommend this book for the amazing people that have read the first book! I’m sorry but if you have not read the first book don’t bother opening up this book (words of wisdom 😉

Soo, anything else we should know?

I believe this is a book series that the whole family can read, my brother started reading the book series and he finished them in less than a week, and he admits this series was amazing. The fact that its from a guy and a girl’s point of view it really broadens the readers so guys and girls can both relate and enjoy reading this.


*Alright….I’m sorry I thought I was able to fit both the Power of Six and the Rise of Nine here but I guess I can’t, it got too complicated. BUT NO WORRIES! I will be posting the book review for The Rise of Nine, sometime this week, I’ll keep things posted on twitter.

Any questions, comments, concerns, about this book feel free to ask in the comments section or just tweet me @elimariereguere

Happy Readings and Happy Fall!




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