Updates, Nanowrimo, and Red

Hello everyone. No, there isn’t a book review.

This blog post is more of an update. For the past few weeks I have been studying and studying for exams and now since I have some time off I decided to inform you on some things.

1.) I will be posting new book reviews soon, when, I am not sure, but soon!

2.) I am trying to get things ready to promote my book, A Christmas Ball, if you haven’t read it you should check it out, there is a link in the about page. You will hear more about it as the holidays approach.

As for any other updates I think that is about it.

Also Nanowrimo is coming up, for those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a website/event. The goal is to write as much as you can during the month of November (national novel writing month), you can sign up for free and all you do is write, write, write, then you upload it on the website and it counts how many words you’ve written.

In a completely different note, Taylor Swift’s new album Red came out. I heard the previews of the songs on itunes and so far they sound great, different than her past albums, but still good. I remember when Speak Now came out I thought it was a different sound and I bought the album but it took me a while to like it and now I love it, I hope the same thing happens with this new album. So far from the previews my two favorite songs are Stay Stay Stay and Sad Beautiful Tragic.

So now I have two questions to ask my fellow blog readers:

1.) Are you planning on participating in Nanowrimo?

2.) Are you planning on buying Red?

Just a thought.  Anyway I hope you guys have a very happy week, you can check out my twitter @elimariereguere



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