Oatmeal mask anybody?

Happy Friday!

Just telling you now, this isn’t a book related post but more of a beauty post. But I can assure you I will get back to reading and reviewing soon. 😀

Anyway, since its Friday and basically I had nothing better to do in my afternoon except study, I decided to take a break and do something different for a change.

I guess since the weather has changed and all my skin has gotten dry, I wanted to fix that. So I searched up some home remedies and some home made facial masks that I can whip up. Then I came across an oatmeal, milk, and honey mix. So I decided to try it out. I got one packet of oatmeal poured that in a bowl, then I added a bit of milk and honey then I mixed it up. But I guess I poured a little bit too much milk so I popped it in the  microwave so the milk can kinda ‘disappear’. Afterwards I placed the bowl in the fridge for a bit to cool down.

Once the oatmeal mix was cool I began to apply the mixture onto my face.

*WARNING-it is VERY messy.

I applied some oatmeal on my face but it kept slipping down or just falling into the sink, but I just continued to pile on the stuff, then I massaged it into my face, I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like, “WHOA! Somebody is ready for halloween.”

Seriously guys if you want to scare someone I recommend doing this and going out in public.

Anyway, I rinsed it with lukewarm water (I read hot water dries the skin even more). After about five minutes I finally got all the oatmeal off of my face and a bit in my hair.

*WARNING-use a shower cap or somethin, the oatmeal will get in your hair and it will be hard to take out.

Lucky for me I was gonna wash my hair anyway, so it wasn’t that bad.

Once I was done rinsing and drying my face I noticed how smooth it felt afterwards. Like….really smooth! So I guess you can say the dryness is gone.

*BONUS- if you want to make sure your skin doesn’t dry up during the day or something apply some olive oil or some bio-oil (you can search that online its a special oil for the skin and it smells amazing).

So there you have it my beautiful-ugly-looking-face-de-dryer-oatmeal-milk-honey-mask 🙂

Sorry for just randomly putting a beauty post on here, I just had to tell someone 😉

Anyway I hope you all enjoy your weekends, book reviews coming soon!


P.S. Sorry for no pictures I should’ve taken some so you can visually understand what I was talking about, oh well, next time!


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