Argo Movie Review


Whats the movie about?

Basically this movie is based on a true story how in 1979 the American embassy in Iran was invaded by Iranian revolutionaries. Some Americans were taken hostage but six Americans were able to escape and hide in the Canadian ambassador’s house. The CIA now has to get the Americans out of Iran without getting them killed. Every option that they come up with seems to be a failure, and its only a matter of time before the Iranians find out they are missing six americans.
Tony Mendez comes up with the most craziest but possible plan; to create a fake hollywood canadian film project, with the canadian crew looking in Iran for a film location, the six americans have to pretend to be the canadian crew in order to get sneak out.


I think the plot was absolutely excellent. It was intense and true. It stayed true to the actual event that happened in 1979. Right from the beginning you are holding onto your seat all the way till the end of the movie.


As appearance goes I was surprised to see how identical the the actors were to the actual people involved in the mission. From the six americans even to the canadian ambassador looked spot on. For the first time I felt like I was one of the six americans, scared and hoping for a way out.


I loved how the movie was made to look like it was filmed in the 1970s, there was alot of grain and it made it feel more real. I loved the old film look because it actually brings the audience into the movie making them feel like they are in the 1970s living this intense event.


This movie is rated R and for a very good reason. It has alot of violence, it shows how the Iranian protestors would torture and kill anyone who was America or showed signs of being affiliated with americans. People would be hanged or shot, pretty gruesome.


I recommend this movie to a mature audience. I don’t think 15 year olds would fully understand the story and what is happening. This movie isn’t a lovy-dovy, rom-com, or superhero movie. This movie is intense and like I said before real. If you enjoy movies that has suspence, is a thriller, and slightly some humor than this movie is for you.

My Thoughts:

At first I wasn’t fully interested in watching this movie but I still went to see it in theaters and was I wrong. This movie is crazy but the main thing that I loved about it was that it was real, the acting, the filming, it all looked genuine. It didn’t look forced, if that makes any sense. I tell people this film is rated R for its intense suspense. I was on the edge of my seat, my palms would get sweaty and towards the end of the film i was sinking in my seat with my fist in my mouth. An older woman, a complete stranger was holding onto my arm rest, she was holding onto it for her dear life.
I actually felt like I was in the movie.

Good job Ben Affleck for producing an excellent film, i applaud you and the whole crew, well done.


Well thats my review of Argo, make sure to check out my twitter I will be announcing all of the winners of the oscars



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