Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Hey guys, in case you missed it Argo won for best motion picture and I congratulate everyone who worked on that film, good job. As for other news if you follow me on my twitter you already know that I finished and was ready to review Under the Never Sky, but I accidentally left my laptop at my cousins house so the review got delayed…..my bad. So now without further waiting the review!

What’s the book about?

In a world of danger

an unlikely alliance

breathtaking adventure

and unforgettable romance -Amazon

Basically this book is about a girl named Aria and she gets kicked out of her society blamed for something she didn’t do. She grew up knowing that anything outside of the society they live in is dangerous, there are storms that are called ‘Aether storms’, which in my definition I think its like a rainstorm….except instead of rain its lightning….super dangerous. She also grew up with thinking that everyone outside is a ‘savage’/ cannibal. But not everything she grew up knowing is true….well partially true. A ‘savage’ saves her life and basically they need each other. He needs her to get something back from the ‘society’ and she needs him to help her get back home.


Woah, sounds pretty interesting are the characters any good?

Yes, Aria is a good main character. I love how Veronica Rossi shows the readers the weakness she has, you read how vulnerable she is. She’s lived all her life in this virtual place where fear has never existed and its been that way for the past 300 years. So its very interesting watching her develop into the person she becomes at the end of the book.

But despite how relatable Aria is (c’mon if you were thrown into the wild without any electronic devices or anything….you would probably go crazy and react just like Aria), I have to say my favorite character is Perry (I know weird name…deal with it).

This guy is just…..wow. I say he’s kinda like Gale (from Hunger Games), just a bit. He is strong and brave, but as you read you get to understand his weaknesses and see how broken he sometimes is…this character is just amazing. I absolutely adore his relationship with his nephew…that’s all I gotta say.

Now just cause the characters sound amazing it doesn’t mean that I never wanted to punch or slap them….there have been several times throughout the story that I wanted to do both, but I guess that’s how we understand characters.



How about the plot? Are there any epic fight scenes?

Oh yes, there are epic fight scenes….lets just say the first chapter is crazy….and later on in the book…..it gets crazy as well.

I think the plot was great. I was afraid this was going to be another dystopian novel that is centered around a lovey-dovey-couple (blah, blah, blah), but NO! This story is about these two people trying to survive and fighting for what they love, and fighting for something other than themselves. PLUS the technology described in this book is the best technology I have ever read in any book….just saying.


*I THINK: Another main reason why I bought this book was cause the technology described was pretty epic.


Content of the book?

This book has some violence, they explain how some people die, there are indeed fight scenes. As well as some make-out scenes in the story, they explain something is about to happen, but it changes to the next chapter so it doesn’t explain what happened (if you get me).


Who do you recommend this spiffy book too?

I recommend this book to 12+


Final thoughts?

I think this book was a fresh air of dystopian novels. The last dystopian novel I read (before this one), I was quite disappointed (I still have to put a review for that book, even though it wasn’t all that bad). I’m happy that this novel actually showed some REALLY epic futuristic technology… Yes! Finally a book set in the future that actually has really cool futuristic stuff!




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Happy Readings!



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