Life of Pi Movie Review

Whats the movie about?

Life of Pi, is about a boy named Pi. Pi and his family were moving from India to Canada when a storm hit the ship, Pi was able to hold onto a life boat and was the only one to be on it, or so he thought. Several animals are in the life boat with him but in the end its only him and a bangle tiger, this movie is how he struggles to survive in the middle of the ocean and at the same time trying not to be eaten by a tiger, and how they both create a special bond.


This was an excellent plot, I thought I would get bored after a while (its about a boy who is stranded at sea…nothing much goes on there) but I was wrong. This had everything, comedy, love, adventure, action, suspense, and most of all many heart felt moments. The journey Pi goes through all his life trying to discover what he should believe in and his purpose is very inspiring.


I applaud Suraj Sharma, the way he acted and delivered the character of Pi was very well done. You can tell he put his heart into it.


This film has alot of CGI and it was in 3D, I thought it would look cheesy since most of it was animated but everything looked natural and flowed well. There is a scene where the water glows and it just looked so exquisite!


This movie is rated PG, it is safe for everyone in the family.


I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone, it is a very touching movie for everyone in the family no matter if your 10 or 90 years old I think anyone can relate to it.

My Thoughts:

Now I can see why this film was nominated for best Motion Picture. I’m not gonna lie but there were several parts in the movie that I was about to cry and in the end my eyes did water up a little. My favorite quote from the whole movie is, ” I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.” After Pi says that….wow…I was just about to cry. Overall beautiful movie, beautiful story, beautiful setting, well done. AND congratulations to the director Ang Lee, for winning Best Director in the Oscars for this movie, well done.


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