Playlist Live 2013 Recap

So for those of you who follow me on twitter you might have probably seen all of my tweets about Playlist Live, and some of you may ask “What the heck is Playlist Live?”

Basically Playlist Live is an event (convention) for youtubers. Where famous youtubers come and have meetups, chats, and things like that, not to mention there is music involved too.

For my birthday I really wanted to go and I was able to! This was my first year attending Playlist Live so I didn’t really know what to expect other than the videos I saw of past Playlist lives.

Anyway lets start from what happened day to day.


At playlist they have a business day, where people who bought the pass get to attend different session with different youtubers and they talk about the business of youtube, film, music industry, etc… (No I did not get this pass) 😦

Anyway, we went to the hotel where the event was being held to pick up our badges.

I just enter the building when I see a small group of girls crowded around someone, I look and see Jack and Finn Harries.

*If you don’t know who they are go to youtube and search: JACKSGAP

They were one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Playlist, I was gonna be next for a picture when Jack said they had to go and put some stuff in the car, so they left. I wanted to stay a bit more just in case they came back but we had to pick up our badges. We go to the registration station and they tell us we couldn’t pick up the badges till 3pm. We kept walking down the hall and we decided to take pictures infront of the Playlist sign, but before we did I noticed standing infront of the door with a group of people was Joey Graceffa.

*If you don’t know who he is go to youtube and search: JOEY GRACEFFA

I couldn’t believe it, I wanted to ask for a picture but he looked busy talking to other people so I didn’t bother (bad mistake, keep reading and you’ll see why).


<<<Picture I tweeted when I arrived. Joey was standing on the right side of the sign.


Anyway we returned again at around 3pm, and walking down the hall I see JC Caylen, Ricky Dillon, and Connor Franta.

*If you don’t know these guys search on youtube: OUR2NDLIFE, JC CAYLEN, RICKY DILLON, OR CONNOR FRANTA

I walked up to them and asked if I could get a picture with them, individual and one as a group. They were so awesome! After the pictures they kept going their way and we went to registration. At this point I was freaking out because I already saw 6 of my favorite youtubers, I pretty much came to Playlist to meet Jack, Finn, and the members of O2L.

After we got our badges we left to the parks. (Disney to be exact 😀 ) And that was Day 1.


<<<Check out more of my photography on my instagram


DAY 2:

The night before I made a list of all the people that I wanted to meet and see on the main stage. Keep in mind this was my first time attending Playlist so I had no idea how meetups work.

We arrive at Playlist and there are way more people than there were the day before. We went to the expo hall where we got our goodie bags which came with some cool stuff. We checked out all of the booths. In the back of the room there was a large crowd of people making lines, I didn’t understand what this was for but I thought they just want to meet their favorite youtuber or something.


<<<My lovely badge 🙂


I didn’t worry cause I wanted to meet Joey but his meetup wasn’t until 11am and it was 10 something. While I was standing around I see Joey enter and I yell, “Joey!” so I can get a picture but he kept walking. I wasn’t sure where he was going. After I asked several people where meet up table #1 was  I was shocked to see the line, and to my dismay they stopped letting people in cause they  had to keep with the time. But after Joey, April Lockheart was gonna have a meetup so I stayed in line anyway and I met her.

After I met April (who was super sweet by the way) we went to our hotel. We rested for a bit and went back so I can meet Jack and Finn. This time I knew what to expect, and I knew so many people would want to meet Jack and Finn I wanted to make sure I got a good spot in line so I wanted to get there an hour earlier (instead I got there 20 minutes earlier), but I was still able to meet them.

NO cameras were allowed but….I couldn’t help myself so here is a video on how the meet and greet was:

*If you have a youtube channel…you know….subscribe me maybe? 😉

<<<Waiting for Jack and Finn


<<<Jack and Finn signing


After I met Jack and Finn we called it a day and that was the end of Day 2. Even though they had a dance party and a dubstep party afterwards at night.

Since this post is getting extremely long I will post part 2 of ‘PLAYLIST LIVE 2013 RECAP’ tomorrow.



Check back here for more posts 😀

Happy Day 🙂



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