Playlist Live 2013 Recap Part 2

Alrighty so now I will conclude the rest of my Playlist trip.

Day 3:

So day 3 (which was on a Sunday) was the last day of Playlist 😦 . I knew we would have to leave early so we could catch our trip back home. The one thing I mainly wanted to do that day was to meet Our2ndLife and if we had enough time Glozell.

By the time I arrived they still haven’t opened up yet so people were standing in line waiting to let us in. Everyone was eager so they could be the first in line to meet their favorite youtuber(s).

<<<Picture I tweeted while waiting.

Once they let people in, I realized I was in the wrong place to meet O2L. I finally found the place and to my surprise it was in the same room where Jack and Finn did their signing except they divided the room in two halves cause there was another meet and greet.

Anyway I filmed the waiting process of meeting O2L:

The wait was pretty much 2 hours, but it didn’t feel like two hours.

After meeting O2L we went to the expo hall I got several shirts and left. I know pretty short for it being the third and last day, I wish I could have stayed longer and I wish Playlist would have been a whole week (Monday-Sunday). Everyday I saw my favorite youtubers walking down the halls (*cough, *cough, O2L and Jack and Finn) , during the wait lines I was able to meet cool fans. They helped the wait time seem shorter than it was. I was able to talk to other people just like me, admiring the same youtubers.

Even though every youtuber has their specific thing that sets them apart from everyone, in Playlist we all came together, and I loved that. You may not know the person but bottom line we were all there for the same reasons.

For this being my first time going to Playlist Live, I had a blast, my reality was higher than my expectations and I plan on going again next year.

Heres a quick video I filmed in the expo hall so you can get an idea on how it was:

*Remember if you have a youtube channel….you know….subscribe 🙂

Thank you to everyone I met! I had a blast and can’t wait for next year!

In other news I will be working on music reviews (which I’m excited about) and my photography page. If you guys have any suggestions leave a comment or tweet me.

Have an awesome day!



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