Music Talk: Max Schneider

Hey guys, I am so excited to finally have the music section in my site 😀

Anyway without stalling today’s music talk is the talented Max Schneider.

He has incredible vocal chords, hits the high notes and low notes with ease, and not to mention an incredible dancer.

Max Schneider was born June 21, 1992 in Manhatten New York. I found out about Max while reading someone’s blog one day and they posted a picture of him and the person was explaining how talented this guy was. So I decided to search him up. I found him on youtube and was blown away with his voice and talent, it wasn’t until later on that I found out he was on Nickalodeon (trust me I am not a fan of Nick and all those singing and dancing kids) but lucky for me that didn’t distort my image of him. He stars in a movie called Rags and was in the TV show How to Rock. I basically don’t watch any of those (the movie or the show) I am just a fan of him. He toured with Victoria Justice and did several amazing duets with her such as the Maroon 5 medly (which I totally love). I can literally listen to this guy all day.

One of the things that I love about Max is that he is so down to earth (I know very cliché but true) and he is always smiling, I have yet seen him not smile for more than 10 minutes, seriously this guy is always happy. I love his positive attitude that no matter whats going on he manages to keep his head held high and smile.

Down below are a few of my favorite vids from him. Let me know which one is your favorite 🙂

This is his recent vid.

I listen to this song and I am on vacation….no matter where I am.

Ok, even if you don’t like Victoria Justice this medley is still really good. (I loved the part Max sings She will be loved)

Guys this song is just….so beautiful wait till the harmony kicks in its just….*melts on computer*

Love this version, sorry J.T.


He also has some original songs that you can check out on youtube, some of my favorites are called Everyday and Coconut Song (<that song is another vacation song).

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this Music Talk, sorry for spamming with a bunch of videos, Max has an EP coming out soon so you can check that out.

Where to find Max:

His Twitter

His Youtube

His Website

Make sure to follow me on twitter and if you have a youtube channel subscribe! 😀

Have a musical day!



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