10 Ways to Annoy a Book Reader:

1.)    Start talking when they open up a book

2.)    Keep talking when they are in the middle of reading a book

3.)    Ask pointless questions about what they are reading

*If they answer your questions, rant on every answer they give you

4.)    (For Parents) Add chores, and for bonus tell them to do things…while reading

5.)    Criticize the book they are reading, regardless if you read it or  not

6.)    Continuously tell them they are wasting their time reading

7.)    If a reader lends you their book…ruin the cover with coffee stains, and take forever to give it back

8.)    When they cry while reading just laugh, ask questions, say how wonderful the world is, etc.

9.)    Tell them the movie version is 20x better than the book version (regardless if its an actual film or not)

10.)  When reader isn’t looking, take their book and hide it or misplace the book mark.

11.)  BONUS! *Get the book, read the last page, and talk about what happens in the end.




In other news I opened up a tumblr where I’ll be posting some of my photography

theflyingthrough.tumblr.com  check it out!

What are some things that annoy you when you read?

Happy Readings!



P.S. Seriously all these 11 things have happened to me while I’ve read. True story.


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