Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

So recently I found out about the Uglies series (by finding out I mean what it was actually about). I pretty much reviewed this book in the video below:

Yes, I actually do recommend this book for young readers, there was nothing explicit and it was an easy read like I said in my video.

Hopefully I will be buying Pretties (the second book) sometime soon so I can read it.

Soo any more thoughts about the characters?

The character development was excellent, loved how we see Tally as this innocent girl who just wants to obey the rules (where have I heard that before), and she is put into this situation that she didn’t have a choice (well she kinda did) and ultimately her whole world changes.

Also character wise I enjoyed reading about David and his past and reading more about his parents and the roles they play.

Shay (the best friend) is one of those characters that at first you might think they will cause trouble but as you keep reading about her and how her friendship with Tally grows stronger you start to notice her beliefs and why she made the decisions she did.

What about the plot can you tell me more? 

Well besides the obvious on what the book is about (which I explained in my video), there is some action, exploration, betrayal, love, and the list goes on. I loved how this book had an equal amount of action and romance. I don’t like books that are entirely filled with romance (unless it is stated that it is a romance novel) when its supposed to be action or something. Don’t get me wrong I need to have some romance in the novels that I read but I enjoy when the characters are also fighting for something greater than themselves and in this book we get that. The main characters fight for something greater than themselves and there is some romance elements in the story.

Any thoughts on the second book? 

I hope it doesn’t ruin the first 🙂



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Happy Readings!


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