Star Trek Into Darkness

So today I went to watch this lovely film in 3-D, and let me tell you, this is no picnic movie.

The action is just as intense as you see it in the trailers (if not more).

In comparison to the first movie it is way…WAY more action pact and intense. Also…yes you can watch these films without any prior knowledge of Star Trek (you might be a bit confused but you’ll catch on to the plot of the movie).

What did you think about the plot?

If this would have been a book….it would have been predictable, and I think the way this was film kinda covers the plot a little bit. If you look back the whole movie is about Kirk and his team trying to get this bad guy (Khan) because he killed several people on earth and he holds a huge threat…but of course along the way there are many many complications…so I guess its not SO predictable as I said.

How did the characters get along?

I love how you see Kirk and Spock’s relationship, they can’t stand each other but they need each other and I enjoyed watching when Spock gets very intellectual in dangerous situations and everyone is like, “SHUT UP!”

As for Kirk you see how he follows his gut feelings and how much he really cares for his crew and the things he does to save their lives…even if it means breaking a whole lot of rules (something in which he is good at).

Epic-ness...told you theres alot of actionEpic-ness…told ya this film has a lot of action.


This was shot in 3-D, and just like any other movie in 3-D I HIGHLY recommend you watch in 3-D. This movie has stuff flying all over your face, things sticking out of the screen, etc…

Quick Sidenote: I know so many people that hate spending the money to watch a movie in 3-D and then they criticize the movie for being in 3-D…like wah? NO the movie was meant to be watched in 3-D so you should just watch it in 3-D it makes the movie experience 20x better and usually when its in 3-D they make the audio better (so thats a plus!). My advice to you…spend the little extra money and watch it in 3-D.

Scotty is hilarious Scotty is hilarious.

Who do you recommend watching this film?

Guys….its action pack and has sprinkles of comedic parts throughout the movie and a bit of romance but its mostly about the action and suspense. This is the type of movie teen guys would really enjoy. Actually anyone whose a fan of Star Trek and anyone who enjoys a well made movie would enjoy watching this.

*This movie has a lot of parts when its silent and then out of nowhere a loud explosion….so the surprise factor is pretty high.

-I wouldn’t recommend this  film for younger kids (it is rated PG-13)…just thought parents should know. But pre-teens can watch it.

Hey look....its Sherlock! lol

Overall I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would, it was nice seeing a well made action movie (seriously the filming was spectacular).

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P.S. The minute I saw Khan I was like….wait a minute….I know that guy….he plays Sherlock in the Sherlock series in the UK (or you can watch it on Netflix), just thought you guys might be interested in that piece of information.


One thought on “Star Trek Into Darkness

  1. Abrams is one of my favorite directors working right now and after seeing this movie, I can almost guarantee that he won’t make a movie I won’t like. Nice review Eli.

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