What I’m doing this summer!

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on here much lately *dramatically weeps*

Anyway, I’ve been so focused on my YouTube videos (editing takes a lot of work) that I’ve just left this blog for non video reviews and stuff but that’s going to change! 😀

If you watch my channel or not, I’ve posted two summer videos where I talk about what I’m reading this summer and the music that I’m listening too. You can check em out here:

P.S. I don’t know what’s up with my weird obsession of those green glasses in the opening of both videos…please forgive me.

What I’m Reading This Summer

What I’m Listening To This Summer

If you have a fabulous youtube account you can subscribe to my channel >>> EliMarie Production

If you have a terrific twitter account you can follow me >>> EliMarieTweets

If you have a perfect Pintrest you can follow my boards >>> TheEliMarie

If you have an interesting Instagram you can follow my photography account (where I post my photography) >>> Flyingthrough (yes I know very artistic name Eli)

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! If you guys have any music or book recommendations you can comment here or let me know on one of the social sites that I’m on.

Hope you guys are having an amazing summer (despite the horrible heat, annoying little kids that are out of school, and over capacitated theme parks) 😀



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