Why you SHOULD watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

I went into the movie theaters with high hopes and an open mind about this movie (I knew they changed directors and screen writers, so I assumed they figured out the mess up the first movie was). Since I’m a movie geek, I understand not all movies will be like the book it was based on. There are certain elements that have to be added to make a movie look like a MOVIE.

Recently I saw some videos on youtube on people’s thoughts about this movie and I seriously couldn’t finish watching their videos, they keep complaining about the actors and the dialog and how it made no sense (cause they kept comparing it to the book) *face palm*. When you are watching a movie you have to watch it AS A MOVIE not as a book.

Think about it if the Avengers would be a written book it would suck, but on screen it makes an amazing movie.

ANYWAY, I loved this movie. I understand very well its not exactly like the book but I think it held the overall story the book was trying to tell:  Three friends risking their lives to save their beloved camp.

^If that doesn’t sound like the book to you….then I don’t know what book you read.

Just like I say in my video below, I finished reading Percy Jackson and the Olympian series last week (no lie), so all the stories are fresh in my head.

The things this movie has:

1.) A little bit of all five books in one movie (if you think about it and watch the movie closely, you’ll find em)

2.) Comedy

3.) Mr. D is VERY much like his character in the book.

4.) Tyson is better than how I imagined him (think about it, a cyclops acting like a 2 year old on screen? That wouldn’t look right, I love how they changed him to fit into the movie)

5.) Special effects, spot on amazing.

Well thats about it for now.

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