Good vs. Bad?

Hey guys, so today I want to address something. No, it has NOTHING to do with books, movies, music, or any other form of review. But this is something that happened in my college class that I feel I should clear things up here.

I think its easier if I talk about it in a Q&A format.

What happened?

So today during my speech class my teacher was talking about self-exploration, in other words finding who we are and how others view us. Somehow we ended up in the topic of what we believe is good and bad. My teacher says she strongly believes in the theory: “Everyone is born good, we are just projected with bad things in our lives.”  0_o?

If thats the case then how do we know what is good and what is bad? NO ONE is born good, we aren’t perfect, and nobody is a goodie two shoes (even if they look like it on the outside). Although throughout life YES we can do good deeds but according to today’s society good and bad is determined by ‘oneself’. If people don’t know already…that will lead to self-destruction…and my teacher even admits it: “Humans are born to self-destruct.” Geez I don’t know about you…but thats kinda negative…don’t you think?

Then what?

Then we got into the topic of lies and liars. One student asked, “If someone has been lying their whole lives…for them lying might seem good, because they have been lying all their lives.” 

Our teacher said, “I’m sure that person knows what is real and what is not when they are speaking it.”

Then our teacher began saying how do we know if a lie is good or bad. If a lie is used for good then its alright but if a lie is bad then we shouldn’t say it. She asked the class what gives us the boundaries that a lie is bad.

Another student said, “Religion tells us lying is bad.”

But then our teacher says, “Religion is just stories being passed down through generations…that’s all they are…stories.”

I sat back in disbelief at what I was hearing? Doesn’t she know that,

behind every 'story' there is some form of truth behind it? 

The teacher asked another question, “Who determines if a lie is bad or good?”

Another girl said, “Ourselves.”

What is your opinion on this? What do you have to say about it?

If we determine if a lie is good or bad…this is one messed up society. Since WHEN is a lie considered ‘good’ and ‘bad’? A lie is a lie…its ALWAYS bad. In what way is it ‘good’ giving false facts?


What do we gain if someone lies to us? A false hope?

In the end we find out the truth and its much more painful believing a lie 
than knowing the truth.

Any final thoughts on this?

My teacher is an interesting person…I’ll give her that. I don’t wish to talk bad about anyone because my motto on this site is ‘everyone has their own opinions and this is mine’. I respect her opinions…but just because I respect her opinions doesn’t mean that I agree with them.

I don’t consider myself ‘religious’. But I do believe that all the answers to the questions that were asked in my class are in the Bible. My teacher believes identity is all the good things that people say we are and who we are. But in reality our identity lies with our creator. 

Where do we come from?

Who we are?

What is our purpose in life?

The answer is simple: God created us. We are sons and daughters when we accept that Jesus is our Savior and he died for us. Our purpose in life is to spread the word that we have a new life when we recieve Jesus into our lives. When we realize that we are wrong and that our ways are never right and that in life we don’t have control over everything and we always make mistakes, but when we loose ourselves and fully trust in God, His way will help us and save us.


If you have different opinions than mine, I understand. Not everyone agrees or understands what I just said, but I had to get it out there. I know at least, half of the students in my class became confused over this discussion. The teacher kept contradicting herself and nothing was making total sense.

The teacher said she told a lie to a girl saying she was ‘pretty’ just so she can look like a nice person. After that comment she said she doesn’t believe lying is bad and doesn’t encourage it to her kids, but after the discussion and questions of students, the teacher ended the class saying lies can be good and bad.

The society is twisting things up people, and I think we need to wake up and go back to our roots and know what is right and what is wrong.

If we keep guessing or assuming some things are wrong or right, it will affect us 
and in the end cause harm. Maybe not now but in the long run, it will.


P.S. If you read this whole thing and are still reading *claps* kuddos to you!

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