Updates: Nano, Maze Runner, Allegiant, and The Book Thief

Hey guys so I felt like I really needed to post something so why not an Update vid!?

Yes, I was in a hurry while filming it that’s why it looks so rushed.

Quick side note:

Since I didn’t properly explain the Maze Runner that well I’ll just do it here.

The Maze Runner is an excellent novel. Lately the books that I’ve been reading have been good but they didn’t have the stay-up-all-night-cause-this-is-literally-crazy type of book. But The Maze Runner was the perfect book I’ve been wanting to read. It makes you care for these characters cause literally throughout the novel you’re pretty sure they’re gonna die…like there’s no hope…at all. (kinda like hunger games..not really…you get the point) So if you wanna read a good plot twisting, constantly curious, mysterious-ish, action packed book then the Maze Runner is the book for you!




elimarieproduction.tumblr.com (I spend most of my days on that site when I’m not writing…shh)



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