The Book Thief Movie Review

So I posted a video and it basically sums up my whole experience watching the screening of the Book Thief but I hardly talked about the movie…so this is the place where I get to share all my thoughts yay! *smiles sarcastically*

Anyway (to be honest) I read half of the book thief, I’ve been meaning to read the whole book for the past two years or so (don’t shun me). But the pile of books kept pilling up and I wanted to read Ender’s Game before the movie came out and I thought I would have enough time to do the same for The Book Thief…but sadly I proved myself wrong. Nanowrimo and schoolwork have literally been swalloing any and all of my free time. BUT December will be my reading month, woooo!!! 😀

Now lets get to the movie review.

This film was SPEC-TAC-U-LAR!!!! I’m pretty sure I mentioned that in my video. Anyhow, this movie really touched my emotions. From the start you see Liesel (the main character) and her mother in the train with her little brother and almost immediately we notice how hard her life is and even more so with the events that occur later on in the story. You really feel bad for the girl and then being taken to her new foster parents…its tough. But Sophie Nelisse delivered this character SUPURB-LY (not sure that’s an official word). Geoffrey Rush plays her foster father and the emotion and the connection he had with Sophie’s character onscreen is just beautiful. He portrayed the wonderful father daughter relationship that I’m sure so many people wish they had.

This movie is a tear jerker…I’m not gonna lie IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY. I don’t care if you are a 6ft buff guy…this movie will grab your heart and squeeze it until you cry.

Although the movie makes you cry it is very beautiful. I know in my video I recommended this movie for anyone and everyone but now that I think about it, children under the age of nine shouldn’t watch it (unless their parents think its cool than by all means they should go and watch it).


Thanks for reading and watching my vid, hopefully you guys will be able to watch (and if you have *virtual high five!*)


Catching Fire and The Day of the Doctor comes out this week!!!!!! eeeppp

Also for those who are participating in Nanowrimo…I feel you…its getting tougher…but we can complete the 50k!



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