December is upon us!

Hellooooooo everybody and happy december!

As I sit here drinking some coffee and enjoying the cold sweater weather I just wanted to upload a little video called the December Tag where I answer ten questions and literally the rest is history (its in the vid, no need to explain).

But in other news I completed NanoWrimo!!! (which I also mention briefly in my video) Last year I tried doing NanoWrimo (national novel writing month, write 50k words in the month of november) but failed horribly, my plot went nowhere and I was just really frustrated with myself and the novel. I quit midway in nano and ignored the story.

However, throughout this year new ideas came for that novel and I rewrote the whole thing during the summer, changing point of views, and adding/taking away several characters. Luckily I finished that story and it ended up being a small 19,000 word novel. I learned that not all stories are meant to be 50k. That’s why for this year I made sure I had a big enough story (plot) to reach 50k and beyond which it worked way better this year, mostly cause I knew where my story was going. So now I have completed 50k but my novel is nowhere near finished, I’ve only covered half of the story so yes my writing journey for this story continues throughout december.

If you kinda wanna see what my story may or may not be about check out my pintrest I created a board with inspirational pics for my nano novel, its titled Captured but Conquered.

*clears throat* Sorry for rambling on, I had to tell someone about my story dilemmas. I’m sure you just wanna watch the vid I did so without further delay….here it is!

If you haven’t feel free to follow me on my following social sites:

Twitter —–BTW Callan Mcauliffe *squeals* aka the actor that played young Gatsby and Sam in I am number four tweeted me 😀 (sorry for the fangirl-ness, I couldn’t help it)






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