My Favorite TV Shows in 2013

So this year has been a pretty good year for TV (if I do say so myself). I got into a bunch of TV Shows and on this post I’ll be talking about em!

Downton Abbey- I got into this show cause (danisnotonfire-a you tuber) briefly mentioned this show on one of his vids and I searched it up and it takes place in the early 20th century and it looked pretty much what I like so I saw the first season and I got hooked!

Sherlock- My cousin talked about this show many times before but I never really paid attention to her (sorry) but I saw it on Netflix, watched the first episode and BAM it was amazing and I fell in love. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW PLEASE I RECOMMEND IT!!!!

Doctor Who- Again with the cousin….she told me about it…I ignored her….a year later I got into it. The last few weeks of summer I decided I wanted to get into doctor who so I watched all of season 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7. Luckily I finished the series before the 50th aniversary and I was one happy puppy. 😀

Teen Wolf- I explained in the video that I got into this show mostly because of Dylan O’Brien. I didn’t bother watching teen wolf before because I thought it was gonna be a crappy teen/tween show that has the typical highschool drama that is in every show (and ya contemporary reads) and I really don’t like that. But Teen Wolf was different and unexpected so yea.

Once Upon a Time- To be honest I always knew about this show and it looked cool but I thought it was gonna be another American Drama series (yuck) but I saw the previews of season 3 and it looked pretty cool, I talked to my friend who follows the show and she recommended it so I started watching season 1 on Netflix while watching season 3 on TV (amazingly it didn’t spoil the series for me).

Here is me talking about the shows:

So thank you guys for reading this post!

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Happy TV watching!



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