Merry Christmas + Holiday Traditions

Hey beautiful blog readers…..whats up?


In case you couldn’t notice that was supposed to be read with a singing voice.

Anyway now that I have your attention I’m just gonna quickly let you know on a little personal tradition I started in 2011.

In December 25, 2011 I was done giving gifts, opening gifts, talking with family, and it was still the morning…so what did I do? I sat by my christmas tree pulled out a book I hadn’t started and began reading Catching Fire. *nods head* Yup, I read that bad boy all day on Christmas and finished the book before the night was over. I have to say it was pretty fun.

Usually when I read I have a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me I should be studying, cleaning, or doing something else with my time. But nope! Not on Christmas my friend, cause its the day of doing absolutely nothing.

Fast forward to 2012 (the end of the world year), I read Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, I have to say the book was alright, it wasn’t as great as Catching Fire, but nonetheless I read it!

My plans for this year is to finish reading The Book Thief (its just one of those books that I wanna say I read it on Christmas Day, but most likely I’ll prob finish it tonight).

So I explain everything on my video:

Hopefully next week I’ll film a video talking about what I thought were the great movies of 2013.






Thanks for reading and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



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