Top 2013 Movies

*applauds* Well 2013 is nearly over folks. I have to say this year has been an interesting one filled with great and not so great things. But lets focus on the positives 😀

I have seen SOO many movies this year and yet I still need to watch a lot more. Anyway here is my list of what I thought were some pretty darn good films this year.

***you can scroll down to watch the vid I did, or you can keep reading to get more details***

1.) Star Trek: Into Darkness – I did a proper review on here about this movie. It was great and Benedict is an AWESOME actor. (If you don’t agree…I hope a dalek or cyberman goes to eat you *doctor who reference*).

2.) The Great Gatsby- I loved this movie soooo much that I got my school to do the senior prom themed Great Gatsby. I even gave myself a mini photo shoot 🙂

Callan McAuliffe was great in this film (the whole 40 seconds he was in lol), he plays young Jay Gatsby. Visually, musically, acting wise, this movie was phenomenal.

3.) Monsters University – If you don’t know already Mike Wizowski is my ultimate favorite disney character. I grew up with Monsters Inc. that movie was my CHILDHOOD and now watching Mike and Sully head of to university the same summer that I went to college…its amazing. I love how this film literally grew with me lol

4.) Jobs- Many people seem to have forgotten this fantastic movie about Steve Jobs and how the whole Apple company came to be (I’m not sure if its historically accurate to what really happened with Steve Jobs), but the story and the cinematic feel was superb.

5.) Ender’s Game- This movie is EPIC SCY-FY, now that I’m midway in the book I realized there’s a lot of stuff that happens in the book that they don’t include in the movie….BUT nonetheless the movie represented the story well (unlike PJO). Everyone that I know loved this movie (wether they read the book or not).

6.) The Book Thief- This is a HEART WARMING movie. Seriously I love how they portrayed the relationship between Hans and Liesel, Geoffrey Rush is an amazing actor (I still can’t believe he was Barbosa in Pirates). Not to mention he was amazing in the King’s Speech. Anyway, this movie and book are both BEAUTIFUL, it is on my list of best books/movies.

7.) Catching Fire- I don’t think I have to say anymore. They made the book into a movie and it was satisfying. Good job to the filmmakers for making the sequel to this franchise better than the first.

That’s all folks. I know I didn’t list many films like Hobbit, Gravity, 12 Years of Slave…etc… I have been meaning to watch them but I haven’t been able to. ALSO I have seen MANY films this year but I sat down and chose my ultimate favorites and I ended up with these seven films.

In other news I hope you all have a GREAT NEW YEARS!!!

Motivation Section: 2014 will be your year!

*claps* yay for motivational sections….wait what?




Anyway have a happy new year guys and thanks for reading!!! 😀



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