Sherlock Season 3 / Teen Wolf Season 3B Reviews

Alright so this is a double wammy post! Two new episodes one blog post *cue music* lets do this!

BBC Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2.

I really like this episode it is hilarious and I love sherlock so much! Although lately (something I haven’t said in my video) the last two episodes nothing is really adding up. I don’t know maybe we are overlooking something but so far I don’t see anything building up to the finale….but I’m pretty sure its there its just we don’t see it yet.

Anyway here is me rambling on about it.

Teen Wolf Season 4.

Now I just want to say I am a huge Teen Wolf fan I would not have watched all 2 1/2 seasons if I wasn’t (trust me). But in this new season I don’t think I’ll be sticking around to watch it, cause it’s gotten pretty dark theme wise and story wise. I don’t know where the creators are taking this show but….I don’t know its starting to looking like a horror thriller TV show for that.

I still love the actors and these characters, the plot seems interesting since its kinda mind juggling but I think I’ll wait till the whole thing comes out on Netflix or something. I got loads of school and I thinking keeping up with each episode might be a bit hard…I don’t know.


Well there you have it folks! Short and to the point (I hope).

Thanks for reading/watching! I know I surprised you with not one but two reviews (hopefully I’ll still film another video next week and post a new blog post as well.

Happy TV watching! *waves*






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