2014 Grammy Winners Reaction

Hey guys, so if you’ve seen my twitter you would know how disappointed I was watching this years Grammys.

I can ramble on and on and on about the Grammys what I loved and what I hated and the live show as well BUT I won’t bore you guys with my thoughts. Instead I made a vid (like I always do) and there are pretty much all my thoughts.

Even though I didn’t like most of the winners I am happy that some of my favorite artists did win SOME things so I am not ALL that upset about it….but still.

Keep in mind I believe all the artists presented in the Grammys are talented (in their own way). I don’t have anything personal against any of them, I just have my list of favorite artists that I wish would have won.


Number one, WHY the heck did they have rap in Radioactive…NO YOU DO NOT DO THAT..NO…NO…NO. Like I said above, if you follow me on twitter you would see I was quite upset about this. I think they should have done a mash up with Fall Out Boy’s My Song Knows What You Did In The Dark….just saying.

Secondly, Same Love….what was up with that!? I know 99% of the world is probably in tears saying this was a beautiful and moving performance, but for me it was not. I think they could have had better performances than having a massive wedding thing…I mean its like Speak Now all over again.

The only performances that I did love was HUNTER HAYES and Taylor Swift’s All To Well. Yes despite I don’t talk much about Taylor Swift and I’m not a die hard fan of hers but I have to admit she does have some pretty great songs.

I think Pink’s performance was OK, I just wish she could have done something different…she pretty much did the same thing last year (with the whole flying in the air rope thing). Then when she joined with fun his vocals were all over the place and it looks like he was hurting his voice just trying to hit the high notes. Lets not mention Pink ‘singing’ while spinning in the air.

The Beatles tribute thing was pretty good.

Well that’s it for today. Remember these are my opinions just like you have yours EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions.






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