Sherlock Season 3 *SPOILERS* and THOUGHTS

So someone mentioned I should do a Sherlock Spoiler video talking about the things I liked about the 3rd season so I did! But on the downside I ran out of memory in my SD card so I couldn’t film a whole lot of it…but that is why I have this lovely blog!

So heres the video:

Now that you’ve seen the video here are the other spoilers I wasn’t able to include:


When Sherlock visits his parents home with his brother Mycroft, I loved seeing his parents and how they react as a family. Also in the end of the episode you really see that Mycroft actually cares for Sherlock. At first I was sad about the ending thinking Sherlock was gonna be gone forever *cries* BUT when everyone was seeing Moriarty in all their screens they called him back *best feeling ever of joy*. It was funny how he was only gone for like a minute and the world is back in trouble. 😀

Also the evil guy (sorry I forget names) when we were lead into his house we thought he had a literal vault with information of everyone but instead it was an empty room…his ‘mind palace’. Like what the heck!? You’re trying to copy Sherlock or something!? I wonder if that guy is somehow tied with Moriarty…for some reason I hope they are (bigger challenge for Sherlock).

Now lets get to Mary….wow….what can I say? I wanted the creators to take her character far and make her important and they really did! When we first meet Mary we see her as a normal woman who is in love with John but in the last episode we really see who she is and one of the parts that broke my heart was when Sherlock was re-deducing her he realized she had liar written all over her. How did Sherlock not see this before? But anyway I’m glad that John forgave her in the end and I think it was a bit stupid that he didn’t see her flashdrive card….I really wanted to know who she was. 😦

I would talk A LOT more about this season but I’ll leave it up to you guys to watch it and let me know what you think! 😉

Happy TV watching!









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