The Monuments Men Movie Review

Hello there!

To cut to the chase I went to watch the amazing movie The Monuments Men. To be honest I thought this was gonna be an OK movie, I thought it was gonna be:

  • gruesome (since it takes place in WWII)
  • predictable plot
  • a bit funny…but not that much


This movie was HILARIOUS, WITH AN AWESOME PLOT, AND AMAZING ACTORS. (wow sorry for the cap locks)

The cast was perfect for this film. Bob Balaban played one of my favorite characters (the one with the glasses, Preston). Hugh Bonneville who plays Donald was a treat to see him in a different role besides Lord Grantham. Jean Dujardin (who was in the Artist) was in the film along with John Goodman, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, Matt Damon, and George Clooney.

In the theater I sat next to a woman who looked to be somewhere around 60 years old with her husband, I have no idea who they were but throughout the film we were all cracking up at the same scenes and overall we had the same thoughts about the movie….it was great.

I wish more young people would go and watch this film cause honestly the plot, the filming, the cast, the overall story and feel of the movie is just wonderful.

Like every review here’s the video of me talking about the movie:

In other news:

  • I bought Landry Park by Bethany Hegan
  • I am currently reading it
  • I will post a review once I’m done reading
  • Yes, I am still in school and have to study like everyone else (*sigh* the college life)
  • Yes, I am aware the Winter Olympics are on! Whoo!
  • Side fact: My first blog post here was about the 2012 Olympics…go figure 😛

Happy movie watching!






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