Winter’s Tale Movie Review

Haaaapppy Valentines Day everyone!!!

Anyway, today I went to watch Winter’s Tale and what a lovely film this is!

More in depth review read below!

Here are a few reasons why I loved this movie:

  • Real plot/story instead of just a love story with the plot coming in second
  • Jessica Brown Findlay
  • Irish Accents
  • New York in the 1900s
  • New York in 2014
  • Heart felt moments with little girls
  • Heart felt moments with…le white horse
  • Supernatural-ish beings
  • Special light powers
  • Innocent romance

****I forgot to mention in my video that Beverly (Jessica’s character) has an illness and I enjoyed watching Beverly and Peter (Colin’s character) meet for the first time. Her character is diagnosed with a sickness and she only has a little bit to live and I love how her character is so optimistic about things and she tries to see the good in everything…including death (kinda like Sybil from downtown).

Here are a few things that I did not like in the film:

  • The white horse’s wings at first I thought it was cool but they could have done better CGI with it
  • They could’ve gotten a better actress for the little girl’s mother (in the 21st century), I don’t know I feel like they could have done better with her…
  • Not explaining enough about Peter (main guy) and his past with Pearly (Russell’s character). But I understand due to time limitations (that is why I got the book)

I think a few people might not understand this movie and might criticize it for being vague (in some ways) but that is why I think people should buy the book to get a better knowledge about these characters and the world around them.


This movie is rated PG-13 Beverly and Peter do have sex but they don’t show anything…so if your a kid or teen and want to watch this movie with your parents there is that bit of a scene but it wasn’t long and it didn’t take anything away from the movie…so don’t worry about that.

Well that’s my review on Winter’s Tale.

Happy Movie watching!






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