Pompeii Movie Review

Alright, honesty hour….if I was given the chance I would watch Pompeii again (the movie). Despite its pradictability and lack of strong story.

To be honest Kit Harington (the guy that plays Milo in the movie also known as Jon Snow) was amazing. I think he REALLY saved the movie.

I explain a bit on my vid:

Now the things that I don’t quite mention in the video.

  • The costumes were AMAZING I enjoyed watching Emily Browning look like a Grecian princess with the hair and outfits arghhh can we all dress up like that?!
  • They don’t explain exactly how the heck Milo became a gladiator we just see him as a little boy then BAM he’s fighting in arenas…. we know some guy found and took him but I wish we could have seen him become what he became.
  • Literally the main characters kiss ONCE in this whole movie sooo don’t expect this to be a total romance movie.
  • The movie is mostly centered around Milo and his challenges…Cassia (Emily Browning) is just the thing that motivates him…along with his total hatred towards the Romans and basically anyone else that is not in captivity.
  • This is the love story: He kills her horse….she likes him…he likes her…..he calms her other horse and now they are in love….pretty much if it wasn’t for a horse they wouldn’t even know the other existed.
  • I bought their whole romance…just cause how Emily and Kit acted with each other. But if it were a book and I was reading how they fell in love….I wouldn’t have believed it.

*This movie is about a series of events that happen to the main character Milo and how those events keep getting worse, Worse, WORSE, and ultimately THE WORSTEST THING WORSE COULD EVER BE (please excuse my made up english word).


This movie is rated PG-13 it has more violence than anything. Like I said before the only thing the main characters do is kiss and by the time you watch them kiss in the movie you would be crying because of all the things that they went through.

So now I am repeating what I said in my youtube video: When I reach 100 YouTube subscribers I will dance in the movie theater (record myself) to any song you guys want.  (yay for embarrassment)

Well that’s all folks, hope you have a great weekend!






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