Panic by Lauren Oliver Book Review!

Hey guys (whoa…its been a long time)

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. Here’s why:

  • Playlist Live

Yeah, that’s pretty much why I haven’t blogged. I went to a YouTube convention/gathering held in Orlando, Fl. and you betcha its called PlaylistLive. This is my second year going, if you want to see my vlogs during the event its on my youtube channel. You can click here.

Now back to the real stuff.

I finished reading Panic by Lauren Oliver about two weeks ago but its not until now that I can sit down and actually review it (sorry school literally eats up time like crazy).

So on with the review!

What is Panic about?

  • Not a dystopian
  • Teens competing in a game to win a lot of money
  • The police are against the game (called Panic)
  • People place bets on who would be the winner
  • We follow four characters in this story, even though its only two characters third person POV.

Now you have an overall idea what the book is about. For the record I am not a fan of contemporary novels/novels that take place in present time. I prefer books that take place either in the future or in the past.

I thought this book takes place in the future but I found out it doesn’t. Anyway I held onto the book and decided to read through it cause I was curious what would happen in this game etc…

I was presently surprised and I enjoyed this novel. At first I felt the characters were a tad predictable but I kept reading and these are the emotions I felt for the characters:

  • Anger
  • Feel sorry for them
  • Happy for them
  • Can I scream at them?
  • Are they stupid?
  • They are amazing

Yeah throughout the novel my feelings towards them changed and when I thought I was gonna be bored BAM Lauren Oliver would put a plot twist or crazy event and I would want to keep reading.

If you want here’s a vid that I did talking about it:

Now on for the technical stuff:

  • This book is written in third person point of view
  • There are curse words
  • There are references to sex, drugs, smoking, and drinking
  • Hardback is 408 pages
  • I recommend this book for 14+
  • It is well written on my opinion
  • It is an easy read
  • Great plot although I wish it would have taken place in the future
  • Despite its about teens competing in a game by NO MEANS IS IT ANYTHING like Hunger Games. The story Hunger Games forced the characters unto the game versus here the characters get to choose (although whoever doesn’t compete are considered coward and are ridiculed)

Well that’s about it!

Currently I am reading The False Prince by Jennifer N. So far its amazing.

Happy Reading!







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