Captain America: Winter Soldier Movie Review

Aye! Hello everyone! *salutes*

So I went to watch the amazing Captain America movie (the sequel) and lets just say it was way better than I thought it was gonna be.

Seriously I underestimated this movie…a lot.

Here are a couple of reasons why I think the movie is fantastic:

  • Natasha (Black Widow) is totally bad A. in this film. She kicks but and shows her softer side as well.
  • We see Steve’s first love Peggy
  • We also see Bucky again and Steve’s remenicent of his past.
  • Plot twists
  • Sebastian Stan…ah-maze-ing
  • *SPOILER* Loki’s staff in the end makes me jump for joy…that means we’ll be seeing Tom soon!

Here’s my review in video format.

Oh wait! Before you watch it let me fully explain myself:

I am currently taking film courses this semester and a bunch of my classmates don’t really go to the movies so often. Gee that’s odd considering they ARE STUDYING FILM MAKING. They are more interested in indie films. I have no problem against indie films or my fellow classmates perfering to watch indie films, I’m just saying I wish they could give some blockbuster hit movies (from today) a chance.

My film teacher is a perfect example: He admits he hates 3D and thinks a bunch of films made today are cliche. *Rolls eyes* I love how him and my classmates judge a movie without even watching it.

But whatever that probably only happens in my class..right…right?

Drawbacks from the movie:

  • Fight scenes a tad long (but like I say it works for the movie)
  • No Loki
  • No Tom Hiddleston

Well thats all for today folks!

Happy movie watching!







2 thoughts on “Captain America: Winter Soldier Movie Review

    1. I know not all film students are like that. It’s just in my film classes the majority of them trash talk blockbuster movies and stuff and it kinda gets me mad because most of them hardly see any films that are released in theaters these days. They mostly watch movies made years ago, which is fine but I think they shouldn’t block off today’s movies entirely. lol sorry for the small rant I know its mostly the students I take classes with but yeah.

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