The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Review


Lets just get into the review.

Honestly I had no hopes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I didn’t like the first movie sooo yeah. But watching this movie I was supppperr surprised I actually liked it! *gasp*

When I went to the theater, walking out at the end of the movie some people were saying it was horrible the movie was total crap, etc… I went on IMDB and I decided to check out the review and everyone hates it!

SIDE DISCLAIMER: I usually don’t watch/read reviews of any movie until I film/write my own review. I don’t like getting my opinions mixed up with others. But here I just wanted to see what others thought (after I watched the movie, so I already had my opinion).

I thought the general public would love this movie but to my surprise they don’t (they probably enjoyed the first movie).

Here’s my video explain more about the movie. Scroll down to see my list of Pros and Cons:


  • The Cast did pretty good
  • Most of the effects
  • The cool soundscore (a bit cartoonish mixed with dub step mixed with heroic themes)
  • The funny moments
  • The sad moments
  • THE FREAKING COSTUMES (I love what they did to Harry’s character his costume same for Peter’s and Gwen’s)
  • It was truer to the comics


  • Some of the dialog between Peter and Gwen might be seen as cheesy (not a lot though)
  • The weird break up in the beginning
  • The Green Goblin’s overall look in the film

To be honest I have no idea why they wanted to refilm the Spider-Man franchise if they already did. But after watching Amazing Spider Man 2 I understood. The effects are WAY better and with the technology involved in Oscorp. it was pretty cool. Harry’s outfit is super modern the leather jacket, scarf, and boots was just awesome (personal opinion), and Peter’s wardrobe along with Gwen’s wardrobe was modern and great.

Now I’m kinda excited to see where they take this franchise.

I grew up with the Spider Man cartoons and the original film with Toby McGuire and James Franco. That’s probably why I didn’t enjoy the first Amazing Spider Man  because I grew up with the other series.  Plus I was SUPER ANNOYED WITH ALL THE LITTLE FANGIRLS FANGIRLING OVER ANDREW GARFIELD URGHHHH.

But enough about that.

Overall like I say in my video I rate this an 8/10.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Movie Watching!







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