The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review

Sorry it took me a while to finally upload this post (it’s been a busy day).

Anyway last night I went to The Night Before Our Stars event which is a screening of The Fault In Our Stars for fans and they gave out a poster and a bracelet and after the screening they had a live Q&A.

Now as for the movie this is what I thought before watching it:

  • It will be overrated
  • Too many annoying fangirls/teen/tween girls
  • Typical YA book to movie adaptation
  • Might be boring in some parts

Thoughts after the movie:

  • I was wrong
  • I was wrong
  • I was wrong
  • Very emotional
  • Cried a lot (never cried that much for a movie before)
  • Just like the book (plus extra emotion)
  • Audience in my theater were controlled (not crazy or over the top…thank goodness)
  • Beautiful movie
  • Beautiful acting
  • Cry
  • Cry
  • Cried a freaking river
  • Added to my favorite movies of all time list

So basically my message to you is GO AND SEE THIS FILM. If you don’t want to watch it with a crap load of people then I recommend watching it in the morning. Early screenings are usually empty (and cheaper).

Trust me I hated the hype if you read my past tweets before watching the movie I was kinda upset cause the big deal people were making about it. BUT believe me this is a movie you will want to watch.

Yes, go read the book.

I just realized if you don’t read the book this movie will be a bit strong (for the emotions) cause unexpected things happen and it REALLY hits you.

I read the book so I knew what was coming and even though I knew all that was coming I STILL CRIED. The acting was beyond amazing. I literally felt like I was in the character’s world and felt everything…my gosh did I cry.

Anyway here’s my video review:

*Yes, I filmed this when I came back from the theater henceforth me looking like an emotional mess….that’s cause I was.

Overall I rate this film a 10/10

If you have any questions about this film feel free to ask me!

Happy Movie Watching! and also Happy National Donut Day 😛 haha






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