The Imitation Game Movie Review

Ayeee! Another blog review is here!

Yes I have been super busy with finals and while I’m typing this I’m supposed to be working on a study guide and pack my bags cause I’ll be out of town this weekend and come back to do the dreaded final 😦

Anyway I recently went to watch The Imitation Game and boy oh boy that was good.

Personally I love historical type movies like The Theory of Everything, Atonement…Narnia….you pretty much get the picture.

What is the movie about?

English mathematician and logician, Alan Turing, helps crack the Enigma code during World War II. – IMDB

Well…what were your thoughts?

I thought this was a beautiful movie. Just like The Theory of Everything it’s about a man who struggles with being different and accomplishes incredible things.

What about the characters?

Benedict and Keira’s characters in the film were soooo good. I loved their relationship and how they understood each other. In the end of the film you feel sorry for Allen and everything he went through. But seriously it was amazing what this man could do and how he prevented two extra years of war! Plus he was sooo literal it was quite funny in the film.

Plus something that I didn’t expect was the responsibility the team had with the machine and the whole secrecy things….that was crazy.

Anything young viewers should know?

This movie talks about homosexuality. If you don’t know by now Allen (Benedict’s character) was gay and he explains it in the movie.

There’s no violence or sexual content, there’s minor curse words but overall it seems like a PG film…but its still rated PG-13 so make your research if you’re still not sure.

Here’s a quick video I filmed talking about the main things about the movie:

Well that’s about it for today!

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Have a great weekend!

– E.






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