Project Almanac Movie Review and Life Update

Hey guys…I would like to say I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed….and I survived! *gasp*

Let me just say I’ve been postponing the removal for about three years…that’s how scared I was.

Anyway I did a review on Project Almanac (not the best movie…if I do say so myself).

This movie didn’t fascinate me…I might be a bit more forgiving if I actually knew what was going on…but the horrible handheld camera shots got me dizzy and annoyed.

Now…moving on to LIFE UPDATES!

Is that a thing? I’ll make it a thing on this blog. 😉

Ok sooo when I got my wisdom teeth taken out I was awake, they gave my local anesthetic…it wasn’t as bad as I thought and I was fine by the third day. My jaws still feel tense but at least I survived (I’ll probably make a video explaining further about my whole wisdom teeth story).

So during my recovery time I discovered and have been listening to Taylor Henderson.

He’s an Australian artist and his music is super chill and awesome. 😀

So today I took several pics…figured you’d like to take a look in my life…or not….here they are.

I’ve been working so hard on school…if you’re a university student you know how I feel….therefore I changed my laptop wallpaper to Monsters University…I figured it suites my life right now. lol

Today I made myself a good cup of coffee. Ahh my lazy dog…he’s a guy (for the record) but since its cold he needed an extra blanket, sooo we gave him an old fuzzy blanket of mine…I think he likes it 😉


Lastly…this was taken after I filmed my Project Almanac review…I found an old fedora…wanted to see how I looked with it…still not sure if it suites me…but yea….do I look hipster?? Lol I’m probably going to regret ever saying that on the internet….

*slowly walks away*

Thanks for reading this super long post…hopefully it was interesting..somewhat?








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