R5 Concert Movie and Thoughts About Bands

Yes…I can admit I would have NEVER thought I would like a band like R5….why? I don’t know it never occurred to me, and mostly because I never really payed attention to them.

Anyway (since you know I’m a huge fan of Dancing With The Stars), I knew Riker was in a band with his family and out of curiosity I chose to listen to their music and with the help of my friend Rachael (I met at PlaylistLive) I became a fan.

So they had a one night movie showing concert footage and the band talking about themselves in general.

So if you may or may not know, most of my friends stare at me like….’Why do you like these pop bands and stuff?’ – Also the fact that Disney channel promotes them….doesn’t help, since they are seen as a ‘kid’ or ‘tween’ band. That’s actually one of the reasons I stayed away from them. Until I realized the youngest was 19 and the oldest is 23…I’m like “Wow they’re around my age.”

Honestly, it’s normal to feel awkward to like a certain band that everyone will automatically judge you for it. I’m not saying liking R5 I will get judged massively (cause I won’t) but other bands like One Direction, 5Sos, etc…

I think it might shock people that there is an older generation out there that genuinely enjoy those bands’ music (and not just crushing on them), and it might also shock you that the older generation that listens to them…..DO NOT scream and flail their arms every time someone mentions the band.

We’re normal humans that just so happen to like these ‘main stream’ bands but sadly we are categorized as ‘fangirls’ or something.

Throughout the last three years or so I would listen to indie and super unknown artists (there’s nothing wrong with that cause I still listen to them today), but after a time in my life when I was feeling really down…I realized my slow indie music wasn’t helping. So I went back to my roots and found a playlist of fun pop songs…and you guessed it these artists were on there.

From that moment on I realized I shouldn’t judge a band or artist by their age, fan base, or who sponsors them, as long as YOU LIKE the music then that’s all that matters. 🙂

Btw I’m a collage student so I’m not that old but I’m not a young teenager anymore…just thought that clarifies things.

Some R5 songs I love 🙂







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