Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Review

*Baymax voice* “Hello”

I know what you’re thinking….Why has it taken you so long to post the Avengers review?

Simple answer my friend. My family wanted to watch the Avengers together so yesterday was the only day our schedules allowed us all to watch it.

Here’s a quick video I did…keep scrolling down cause I talk more in depth about the film.

Alright so it wasn’t until yesterday I found out Clint (Hawkeye) is married in the comics so it made sense to add that to the film. Keep in mind I haven’t read the Avengers comics YET. I’ve been reading Captain Marvel and Winter Soldier so I apologize if my comic book knowledge is rusty.


I thought the film score was fantastic. I loved how they kept the same powerful-superhero-type- theme going on from the first Avengers film, even though they changed composers it was still great.


Now the problem I see with hollywood, sometimes they make action movies that are PACKED with action, action, action, and not enough substance. Marvel could’ve gone so wrong but I guess throughout trial and error they learned to master that.

Avengers is packed with so much action BUT it is also filled with story. 😀 These characters are all different and have strengths and weaknesses but they come together, even though they have conflicts.

Overall I think the cast was great, including the newcomers, Aaron (Quicksilver) and Elizabeth (Scarlet Witch). The acting the cinematography, the music, the story, everything blended perfectly for the action packed super hero adventure we love to watch. 🙂


I gotta point out this Quicksilver is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the Quicksilver in X-men. I would compare and contrast that but for the sake of time…I’ll just say they are both different and good in their own ways 😉

Lastly I’m excited for Captain America Civil War 😀

Ok this was a long post. Anyway I’m already on summer break so expect more videos and posts 🙂







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