The Heir by Kiera Cass + Nail Tutorial

Hello my royal guests 😉 ok ok hello blog readers.

I read The Heir literally in less than 24 hours and coming from a slow reader….that’s saying something. It was soo good and every time I get a book from The Selection series I end up reading them in one day, I can’t put them down 😀

The Heir is book 4 from The Selection series. If you’re wondering here are my reviews from previous books:

The Selection (book 1)

The Elite (book 2)

The One (book 3) 

Here’s my review for The Heir:

Not to mention I love the topics and themes in this book, very relevant to today.

As the girly girl that I am, I had to do my nails according to the book 😉

Step 1: Use an undercoat – THEN paint your nails a silvery color, it will serve as the base color.


Step 2: Get a sponge (I usually use a makeup sponge) then I swipe the silver, then a light purple, then the dark purple onto the sponge.

Step 3: I dab/sponge it on my nail. The silver at the base of my nails and the purple fading towards the tips.


Step 4: I waited for it to dry then I repeated again once I got the ombre effect right. (Sometimes it takes several attempts of dabbing up and down your nail until you get it.


Step 6: If you like that look you can just clean it off and put a top coat. BUT since this is inspired by The Heir I HAD to add sparkles. Instead of placing the sparkles all over my nails (which would cover the ombre design) I tried to put the sparkly nail polish only on the center of my nail. In a way I tried to form a triangle design, more sparkles on top and less as it reached the silver.


As you can tell The Heir brings out the princess side of me 😉 ❤

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Also ONCE UPON A TIME SEASON FINALE WOOP WOOP!! xD Review is going up on my YouTube channel for that.

– E.







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