Lack of Reviews?

Hey everyone, I couldn’t let July end without a blog post.

For starters new videos on my YouTube channel (I post a vid every week). If you’re not subscribed to my channel you should 😀

Secondly there have been lack of reviews in my channel and reason being:

1.) Movie plans always go to crap – I try to make plans with people cause they wanna watch a movie with me but then one of us can’t make it and then they end up watching the movie…yes thats cool….go ahead be a turd and watch the film without me.

2.) I know there are TV shows I would love to review but I haven’t been able to sit down and watch them…or I don’t have motivation to watch them (despite they are great shows). I just don’t feel like it. :/

3.) I’ve been writing like a mad woman in my time off. (yes I work part time in the summer so yea)

my coffee mug and mike wazoswki wallpaper 😉

4.) I take my writing seriously, its a craft, I’m learning, and I keep writing, despite what people tell me that its a waste….its not a waste to me.

5.) I tweeted yesterday saying how I want to surround myself with creative people that are passionate at what they do and motivate/inspire me to do what I want to do. I wanna connect with others that are working on projects and are super pumped about it.

6.) If you watch my YouTube channel expect more rambling videos about my opinions and stuff and less reviews….I wish I could watch more films, read more books, and tv shows but life has a weird way of changing things around.

yay for awkward pic of self 😀

If I am able to go to the movies or review anything then obviously I will 😀

Well there’s an update for you! I hope you guys are having a great week.







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