Freedom in Being Bold

I don’t know how to start this post but all I’m gonna say is it feels soooo freaking good to have freedom mentally and physically. Not feeling burdened about anything or afraid or guilty.

As humans we all have things that we are afraid of. We’ve felt guilty for something that we’ve done or are doing, and sometimes we feel burdened about our future, our past, even our present.

This weekend I went to a youth conference. To be specific I was serving in the conference (backstage and on). So not only did I work but I also received.

I don’t know if you believe in God or anything higher than the human intelligence but I can confidently say there is a God and he is very much alive and real.

During the conference they touched on the topic freedom (it was the whole theme). It’s incredible the relief and the amazing feeling when you cast all your burdens, fears, everything that you are to God and trust and know that he has full control over everything.

If you’re reading this and thinking “Ok so I just tell God, hey here’s all my crap I wanna be free?”

Well first of all you have to say it with all your heart, you have to know for a fact and truly believe that God really does have your back.

It is truly amazing knowing that no matter what happens in the world or in my life everything will work out, everything will be ok because I trust God does everything for good and everything has a purpose. We may not know it now but in the end everything ties together.

So basically I will leave you with this nugget of advice: Give all your burdens, your fears, everything that you feel ashamed or guilty of, give it all to God. You can’t move forward with the weight of the past. Don’t let the devil burden you with fears or anything that paralyzes you from moving forward, moving to your purpose and destiny. We all  have a purpose and a destiny we just have to find it. We can’t live a free life until you give everything to God.

From my own personal experience I feel free. Whatever comes my way I will face it with boldness and love. I will ignore fear and I won’t let it control me. Anything that troubles me I will give it to God and I know he will take care of everything.

– E.

P.S. If you guys ever need any help or advice or just need to talk to someone, feel free to message me in any of my social medias (I prefer the tumblr ask or twitter). 🙂






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