One Word…Crazy

If I can summarize my week in one word….crazy.

Since I started the university I guess I had forgotten (thanks to summer) how hectic uni is. My days have been spent with nonstop back to back reading one book for one class then another book for another, not to mention articles and what not.

Basically for the time being schoolwork has consisted of reading and understanding concepts for future exams.

I know probably as the semester rolls out it might get even crazier.

I really want to post more stuff on here also on my youtube channel, but just writing this alone is consuming a good portion of my time that I should be reading 😦

Nonetheless I will try my best to be consistent. I’ve done it in the past and hopefully I’ll learn to read faster and get work done so I can work on my site and channel.

Of course I can’t study unless I have a snack so M&M’s it is 😉

THANK YOU guys so much if you’ve read my blog posts in the past or just right now and also if you’ve watched my videos. It means a lot to me. ❤ I pour my time and effort to making videos and blog posts so I can connect with people and it has been very rewarding. 🙂

Thanks again for reading and I hope to hear from you guys soon…or you’ll see another post from me soon xD

Also I apologize for the bad quality pics I literally just grabbed my camera and took pics of my books, I haven’t been able to edit them or anything but bare with me I’ll get the hang of my schedule soon.

Also I made an update video a few days ago:

– E.






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