I’ve Moved!

Hello folks, wordpress users, other users that stumbled upon this post.

As I write this to you today, I have changed domain!

You can go to either Elimarie.com or elimarieproduction.wordpress.com (its the same thing).

I’ve been posting blog posts more frequent there and will continue to do so 🙂

The articles on this site will still be here, don’t worry.

So any wordpress users that follow me here you can follow me on my new site 😀

Love you all and thank you for reading this! ❤



Good Days and Bad Days

First of all, yes that is a basic selfie of me holding starbucks…cause it’s been a while since I’ve posted a pic of my coffee. Anyway I can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve written but I’ve never actually posted. I really enjoy them but I’m afraid they’re too long and sadly no one likes to read long things these days :/

In other news this post is just to let you know what’s up in my life…as usual.

Nanowrimo is in November, I participate in it every year. It’s basically a challenge to write 50,000 words in one month (the month of november). It’s great for aspiring writers. Sadly this year I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate due to incredible amounts of schoolwork I have.

With that being said hopefully I’ll film some Nanowrimo (national novel writing month) tips and advice for anyone that will be participating. I’ve won this challenge various times so hopefully I can help someone.

In other news 5SOS released a new album “Sounds Good Feels Good” to be honest that’s the only thing keeping me going (not the only thing but it helps my day out). Things have been stressful school and stuff, of course that’s life, we get stressed out, crap happens, and well that’s all part of it I guess.

We won’t always have good days and sometimes it feels like we have more bad days than not but there’s always something to be thankful for. That’s what I’m trying to do, list the things I’m grateful for cause someone somewhere is wishing to have something you have.

Well moving on from me, I hope you guys are having a great day/week.

P.S. I posted two videos: a movie review AND a Back To the Future tag! Both were very fun to film.

(please excuse my incredibly cheesy intro…)






School, Stress, and My ‘Breaking Point’

Hey guys! Yes I am very hyper today…why? Well cause I’m having a Venti iced coffee, I finished an exam I’ve been stressing out all week, and I’m wearing my 5SOS shirt!

Yes, I know, you’re probably groaning “argh, this basic white girl.” Well I’m just very happy right now. I haven’t talked much about this online but for the last couple of weeks my life has been hectic and stressful. Yesterday I feel I can say I had my ‘breaking point’. I still have several exams due this week and the beginning of next week, so sadly its not over yet. 😦

But the point is yesterday I looked at the amount of schoolwork and I began to cry, the stress was really getting to me but I got a lovely email (I’ll probably discuss more about that message later on), but for now all you have to know was it changed my day, it made me happy, and after that things started falling into place.

Today I did my exam, I still have another class to go but needless to say the worst of the exams are over (I hope).

I haven’t filmed a video in a while because of time, I haven’t hung out with friends also because of school. It gets stressful and annoying and I mostly question whether all this time spent studying is worth it. But I know in the long run it’ll be worth it *sings 5th harmony* *not really* *I don’t like them that much*

I’m hoping to find some time this weekend to film a quick updates video. But until then follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I post things about my life on there….if you’re interested or not.

Btw, I’ve been listening to a DJ called Audien…super good check him out. 😀

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a better week. Try to be optimistic and positive, there’s something good in each day even though its sometimes harder to find them on some days.






The Scorch Trials Movie Review and Life Update!

Hey guys! Long time no chat eh? (If you follow me on twitter you would be more up to date on what I’m up to…or if you wanna listen to my coffee needs on a daily basis)

Anyway so I am a huge fan of the Maze Runner series, the movie and the book. I haven’t finished reading the third book but I’ll get to that once I’m done with this semester of classes.

So I went to watch the Scorch Trials (finally) and right off the bat, I knew from the trailer, that this movie would be different from the book. If you’re a book lover like I am, you know how difficult it is to watch a movie with your beloved characters and have it be different than how you imagined it.

Yes, cheesy selfie

Don’t get me wrong the Scorch Trials was a great movie (a bit creepy…due to the cranks…that was scary). But I couldn’t help but think about all the changes they did from the book. Originally Teresa (the main girl played by Kaya) is separated from the group and they are placed on the Scorch and have to pass this trial in order to get to the next phase. Basically in the movie the reason they were out in the desert was because they were forced to complete this task rather than they escaped and are trying to survive (how it shows in the movie).

Now, because I haven’t finished the third book, perhaps the plot changes will help with the third movie…I don’t know.

So without further delay here’s my video review of The Scorch Trials:


Ok so here’s whats been up in my life:

  • University has been so time consuming, if I’m not reading for one class I’m reading/studying for another…it is literally nonstop.
  • It was my friends birthdays this weekend so it was nice to break away from the nonstop university mode.
  • Also I’ve literally been living off of coffee…I need that stuff every morning and afternoon…God bless coffee ❤

yes my dog shows exactly how I feel about school :/

And I think that’s it as far as life updates goes. If anything spectacular or interesting happens and I don’t post it on here you’re likely to find out through my Twitter 😉

Hope you guys have a great week! 🙂






One Word…Crazy

If I can summarize my week in one word….crazy.

Since I started the university I guess I had forgotten (thanks to summer) how hectic uni is. My days have been spent with nonstop back to back reading one book for one class then another book for another, not to mention articles and what not.

Basically for the time being schoolwork has consisted of reading and understanding concepts for future exams.

I know probably as the semester rolls out it might get even crazier.

I really want to post more stuff on here also on my youtube channel, but just writing this alone is consuming a good portion of my time that I should be reading 😦

Nonetheless I will try my best to be consistent. I’ve done it in the past and hopefully I’ll learn to read faster and get work done so I can work on my site and channel.

Of course I can’t study unless I have a snack so M&M’s it is 😉

THANK YOU guys so much if you’ve read my blog posts in the past or just right now and also if you’ve watched my videos. It means a lot to me. ❤ I pour my time and effort to making videos and blog posts so I can connect with people and it has been very rewarding. 🙂

Thanks again for reading and I hope to hear from you guys soon…or you’ll see another post from me soon xD

Also I apologize for the bad quality pics I literally just grabbed my camera and took pics of my books, I haven’t been able to edit them or anything but bare with me I’ll get the hang of my schedule soon.

Also I made an update video a few days ago:

– E.





American Ultra Movie Review

Hey guys!

I’m just putting this out there….I never thought I would watch this movie but like I explain in the vid, if it wasn’t for my friend I probably wouldn’t have seen it.

I actually enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining/interesting/ and somewhat funny.

Do I recommend this movie for people under the age of 17?


I mean if you’re a teen and like to watch gory violence and curse worded films than…that’s up to you. I’m old school and I like to inform people prior to watching a film like this.

The cinematography was great and guess what?! NO SHAKY CAM! I really don’t like films that are all handheld *cringe* (aka Project Almanac movie).

Life Update:

University is starting soon so I don’t know how much free time I’ll have. One thing I really want to start (and have been wanting to start) is VLOGGING …aka documenting my day through the camera. My youtube channel is called Elimarie PRODUCTION…therefore I would like to add a bit more production.

So hopefully I’ll get around to start posting stuff like that…but also keeping my reviews and random discussion videos cause those are fun too.

Anyway if you guys have any questions about American Ultra and stuff feel free to ask me on my tumblr page 😛

Hope you have a great week!






Freedom in Being Bold

I don’t know how to start this post but all I’m gonna say is it feels soooo freaking good to have freedom mentally and physically. Not feeling burdened about anything or afraid or guilty.

As humans we all have things that we are afraid of. We’ve felt guilty for something that we’ve done or are doing, and sometimes we feel burdened about our future, our past, even our present.

This weekend I went to a youth conference. To be specific I was serving in the conference (backstage and on). So not only did I work but I also received.

I don’t know if you believe in God or anything higher than the human intelligence but I can confidently say there is a God and he is very much alive and real.

During the conference they touched on the topic freedom (it was the whole theme). It’s incredible the relief and the amazing feeling when you cast all your burdens, fears, everything that you are to God and trust and know that he has full control over everything.

If you’re reading this and thinking “Ok so I just tell God, hey here’s all my crap I wanna be free?”

Well first of all you have to say it with all your heart, you have to know for a fact and truly believe that God really does have your back.

It is truly amazing knowing that no matter what happens in the world or in my life everything will work out, everything will be ok because I trust God does everything for good and everything has a purpose. We may not know it now but in the end everything ties together.

So basically I will leave you with this nugget of advice: Give all your burdens, your fears, everything that you feel ashamed or guilty of, give it all to God. You can’t move forward with the weight of the past. Don’t let the devil burden you with fears or anything that paralyzes you from moving forward, moving to your purpose and destiny. We all  have a purpose and a destiny we just have to find it. We can’t live a free life until you give everything to God.

From my own personal experience I feel free. Whatever comes my way I will face it with boldness and love. I will ignore fear and I won’t let it control me. Anything that troubles me I will give it to God and I know he will take care of everything.

– E.

P.S. If you guys ever need any help or advice or just need to talk to someone, feel free to message me in any of my social medias (I prefer the tumblr ask or twitter). 🙂