Updates: Nano, Maze Runner, Allegiant, and The Book Thief

Hey guys so I felt like I really needed to post something so why not an Update vid!?

Yes, I was in a hurry while filming it that’s why it looks so rushed.

Quick side note:

Since I didn’t properly explain the Maze Runner that well I’ll just do it here.

The Maze Runner is an excellent novel. Lately the books that I’ve been reading have been good but they didn’t have the stay-up-all-night-cause-this-is-literally-crazy type of book. But The Maze Runner was the perfect book I’ve been wanting to read. It makes you care for these characters cause literally throughout the novel you’re pretty sure they’re gonna die…like there’s no hope…at all. (kinda like hunger games..not really…you get the point) So if you wanna read a good plot twisting, constantly curious, mysterious-ish, action packed book then the Maze Runner is the book for you!




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The Elite by Kiera Cass

So as you may or may not know, the Selection was the first book I reviewed on here and I am suuuppperrr excited to be reviewing the second book; The Elite!



The book was above and beyond my expectations. For me the Selection was ok, I enjoyed reading it but I didn’t necicarily loved it so I naturally thought….the Elite will be an OK book aswell…..I was very wrong. I ended up LOVING the Elite (like I said in my video above).


Wow, that’s cool and all but how was the pace of the book?

The book moved in a normal pace, not too slow but not extremely fast (well…actually in some parts it went pretty fast).

Favorite character?

I don’t really want to say but if I absolutely have to choose it would be the Queen and May (America’s little sister).

-I could have just said Maxon or America but I figured you’d already guess that so might as well throw in something different 😉


Yes there are some kissing scenes (but they are really sweet and cute) anybody can read those parts and be like….awwwwww. (Unless you don’t like the person the other person is kissing, which that does happen in one part of the book that made me want to slap someone…).

Anyway there is a bit of violence (rebel attacks..duh) but its nothing compared to violence in Hunger Games, I am number four, or in Divergent, so nooo worries there.


Anyone can read this book, actually I encourage any teenaged girl out there to read this book, whether you’re a tomboy or a girlie girl. This is one of those comfort books that you can read before going to bed or when you are on vacation, but it will snatch you from real life.


Final thoughts?

I don’t know what else to say, by now you should already know that I really love this book. Make sure you read the Selection if you haven’t and then read the Elite. I reallllyyyy want THE ONE (3rd book to this trilogy).


9.5/10 (or 10/10)


Oh by the way, this was my mini Elite release party:


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Happy Readings! 😀



P.S. Seriously am I the only one who thinks Max Schneider would be the perfect Maxon? (they pretty much have the same name Max – Maxon, Schneider -Schreve)




Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

So recently I found out about the Uglies series (by finding out I mean what it was actually about). I pretty much reviewed this book in the video below:

Yes, I actually do recommend this book for young readers, there was nothing explicit and it was an easy read like I said in my video.

Hopefully I will be buying Pretties (the second book) sometime soon so I can read it.

Soo any more thoughts about the characters?

The character development was excellent, loved how we see Tally as this innocent girl who just wants to obey the rules (where have I heard that before), and she is put into this situation that she didn’t have a choice (well she kinda did) and ultimately her whole world changes.

Also character wise I enjoyed reading about David and his past and reading more about his parents and the roles they play.

Shay (the best friend) is one of those characters that at first you might think they will cause trouble but as you keep reading about her and how her friendship with Tally grows stronger you start to notice her beliefs and why she made the decisions she did.

What about the plot can you tell me more? 

Well besides the obvious on what the book is about (which I explained in my video), there is some action, exploration, betrayal, love, and the list goes on. I loved how this book had an equal amount of action and romance. I don’t like books that are entirely filled with romance (unless it is stated that it is a romance novel) when its supposed to be action or something. Don’t get me wrong I need to have some romance in the novels that I read but I enjoy when the characters are also fighting for something greater than themselves and in this book we get that. The main characters fight for something greater than themselves and there is some romance elements in the story.

Any thoughts on the second book? 

I hope it doesn’t ruin the first 🙂



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Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Hey guys, in case you missed it Argo won for best motion picture and I congratulate everyone who worked on that film, good job. As for other news if you follow me on my twitter you already know that I finished and was ready to review Under the Never Sky, but I accidentally left my laptop at my cousins house so the review got delayed…..my bad. So now without further waiting the review!

What’s the book about?

In a world of danger

an unlikely alliance

breathtaking adventure

and unforgettable romance -Amazon

Basically this book is about a girl named Aria and she gets kicked out of her society blamed for something she didn’t do. She grew up knowing that anything outside of the society they live in is dangerous, there are storms that are called ‘Aether storms’, which in my definition I think its like a rainstorm….except instead of rain its lightning….super dangerous. She also grew up with thinking that everyone outside is a ‘savage’/ cannibal. But not everything she grew up knowing is true….well partially true. A ‘savage’ saves her life and basically they need each other. He needs her to get something back from the ‘society’ and she needs him to help her get back home.


Woah, sounds pretty interesting are the characters any good?

Yes, Aria is a good main character. I love how Veronica Rossi shows the readers the weakness she has, you read how vulnerable she is. She’s lived all her life in this virtual place where fear has never existed and its been that way for the past 300 years. So its very interesting watching her develop into the person she becomes at the end of the book.

But despite how relatable Aria is (c’mon if you were thrown into the wild without any electronic devices or anything….you would probably go crazy and react just like Aria), I have to say my favorite character is Perry (I know weird name…deal with it).

This guy is just…..wow. I say he’s kinda like Gale (from Hunger Games), just a bit. He is strong and brave, but as you read you get to understand his weaknesses and see how broken he sometimes is…this character is just amazing. I absolutely adore his relationship with his nephew…that’s all I gotta say.

Now just cause the characters sound amazing it doesn’t mean that I never wanted to punch or slap them….there have been several times throughout the story that I wanted to do both, but I guess that’s how we understand characters.



How about the plot? Are there any epic fight scenes?

Oh yes, there are epic fight scenes….lets just say the first chapter is crazy….and later on in the book…..it gets crazy as well.

I think the plot was great. I was afraid this was going to be another dystopian novel that is centered around a lovey-dovey-couple (blah, blah, blah), but NO! This story is about these two people trying to survive and fighting for what they love, and fighting for something other than themselves. PLUS the technology described in this book is the best technology I have ever read in any book….just saying.


*I THINK: Another main reason why I bought this book was cause the technology described was pretty epic.


Content of the book?

This book has some violence, they explain how some people die, there are indeed fight scenes. As well as some make-out scenes in the story, they explain something is about to happen, but it changes to the next chapter so it doesn’t explain what happened (if you get me).


Who do you recommend this spiffy book too?

I recommend this book to 12+


Final thoughts?

I think this book was a fresh air of dystopian novels. The last dystopian novel I read (before this one), I was quite disappointed (I still have to put a review for that book, even though it wasn’t all that bad). I’m happy that this novel actually showed some REALLY epic futuristic technology… Yes! Finally a book set in the future that actually has really cool futuristic stuff!




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Happy Readings!


Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

Hello book lovers! As some of you may or may not know (from my twitter) that I have been reading Percy Jackson: The lightning thief and I decided to do a review on it, so here it is!


What was the story about?

  • A 12 year old boy with dyslexia and ADHD who ends up in a camp and finds out he is the son of Poseidon (the greek god of the sea). Later he finds out that Zeus and Poseidon are fighting because Zeus thinks Poseidon’s son (Percy aka the 12 year old) stole his lightning bolt. Now Percy and two other friends (one the daughter of Athena the other a satyr) have to go to Hades Palace to find the lightning bolt, which they think he stole it trying to frame Percy.

Who were the main characters?

  • Percy, Annabeth (Athena’s daughter), Grover (the satyr), and some greek gods make a cameo.

What did the main characters do in the story?

  • Run….most of the time.

Did the main characters run into any problems?

  • Yup, pretty much at every corner they turned. Including a math teacher that wants to kill Percy during a field trip, a lady who makes delicious food and then turns her customers into statues, a water mattress store where the owner likes to make the beds fit the customers by stretching them to death, and also fighting with the god of war, just name a few.


Did the main characters have any adventures?

  • Yes, indeed they did.

Who was your favorite character? Why? 

  • Mostly Percy….he likes the color blue….and he can kinda control water. Along with the three headed doverman, and Annabeth.

Could you relate to any of the characters in the story?

  •  Sadly I don’t have the power to control a tidal wave, and I don’t know how to fight…epically. But I can relate to Annabeth’s fearless attitude and Percy’s cluelessness.

Have you ever done some of the things or felt some of the same things that thecharacters did?

  • You mean fighting monsters, breathing underwater, and going to Hades and Mt. Olympus….no. But being blamed for something you didn’t do like Percy….yes.

Did you like the book?

  • No, I did not like the book. The right term would be loved. I LOVED the book (that is why I read it on Valentines day 😉 )

What was your favorite part of the book?

  • Hard to say cause I loved the whole book, but I think when one of the gatekeepers to Hades’ place asked Percy and his friends if they were dead (which they weren’t, they were pretending) and Grover said yes. The guy asked how did they die, Grover answered, “In a bathtub.” The guy asked, “All three of you? Big bathtub.” Also anytime Percy would give attitude or talk back to one of the gods.

Do you have a least favorite part of the book?

  • Yes, every time Percy would do something that would make you want to slap him in the face, and the ending…when something happens….which I can not speak of.

Would you recommend this book to another person?

  • Yes, I recommend this book to anyone who can read, young and old. This book has adventure, humor, makes you use your imagination. Overall great read, I loved the characters even some of the villains. The writing style is great, Rick Riordan does a good job at keeping the reader on their toes and always wanting to read more, and the unexpected twist and turns in the plot…good job.

-This book kinda reminded me of I am number Four series, how Four (aka John Smith) and the others had to run and it was always action, except the main Character in this story had to discover who he was and all.

Overall a 9/10.


If anyone is wondering if the book is anything like the movie the answer is…..no….not really. Logan Lerman does look like Percy and he did a good job at it. Annabeth was supposed to be blond, and half of the things (more like 80%) of what was in the book wasn’t in the movie, instead they added other things, like the fight with the five headed monster thing in the museum and looking for the pearl things….none of that was in the book. Just thought you should know.

AND if by any chance any of you have no idea what Percy Jackson even is, here’s a movie poster, maybe you’ll recognize it.


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Happy Readings!