The Scorch Trials Movie Review and Life Update!

Hey guys! Long time no chat eh? (If you follow me on twitter you would be more up to date on what I’m up to…or if you wanna listen to my coffee needs on a daily basis)

Anyway so I am a huge fan of the Maze Runner series, the movie and the book. I haven’t finished reading the third book but I’ll get to that once I’m done with this semester of classes.

So I went to watch the Scorch Trials (finally) and right off the bat, I knew from the trailer, that this movie would be different from the book. If you’re a book lover like I am, you know how difficult it is to watch a movie with your beloved characters and have it be different than how you imagined it.

Yes, cheesy selfie

Don’t get me wrong the Scorch Trials was a great movie (a bit creepy…due to the cranks…that was scary). But I couldn’t help but think about all the changes they did from the book. Originally Teresa (the main girl played by Kaya) is separated from the group and they are placed on the Scorch and have to pass this trial in order to get to the next phase. Basically in the movie the reason they were out in the desert was because they were forced to complete this task rather than they escaped and are trying to survive (how it shows in the movie).

Now, because I haven’t finished the third book, perhaps the plot changes will help with the third movie…I don’t know.

So without further delay here’s my video review of The Scorch Trials:


Ok so here’s whats been up in my life:

  • University has been so time consuming, if I’m not reading for one class I’m reading/studying for another…it is literally nonstop.
  • It was my friends birthdays this weekend so it was nice to break away from the nonstop university mode.
  • Also I’ve literally been living off of coffee…I need that stuff every morning and afternoon…God bless coffee ❤

yes my dog shows exactly how I feel about school :/

And I think that’s it as far as life updates goes. If anything spectacular or interesting happens and I don’t post it on here you’re likely to find out through my Twitter 😉

Hope you guys have a great week! 🙂







The Heir by Kiera Cass + Nail Tutorial

Hello my royal guests 😉 ok ok hello blog readers.

I read The Heir literally in less than 24 hours and coming from a slow reader….that’s saying something. It was soo good and every time I get a book from The Selection series I end up reading them in one day, I can’t put them down 😀

The Heir is book 4 from The Selection series. If you’re wondering here are my reviews from previous books:

The Selection (book 1)

The Elite (book 2)

The One (book 3) 

Here’s my review for The Heir:

Not to mention I love the topics and themes in this book, very relevant to today.

As the girly girl that I am, I had to do my nails according to the book 😉

Step 1: Use an undercoat – THEN paint your nails a silvery color, it will serve as the base color.


Step 2: Get a sponge (I usually use a makeup sponge) then I swipe the silver, then a light purple, then the dark purple onto the sponge.

Step 3: I dab/sponge it on my nail. The silver at the base of my nails and the purple fading towards the tips.


Step 4: I waited for it to dry then I repeated again once I got the ombre effect right. (Sometimes it takes several attempts of dabbing up and down your nail until you get it.


Step 6: If you like that look you can just clean it off and put a top coat. BUT since this is inspired by The Heir I HAD to add sparkles. Instead of placing the sparkles all over my nails (which would cover the ombre design) I tried to put the sparkly nail polish only on the center of my nail. In a way I tried to form a triangle design, more sparkles on top and less as it reached the silver.


As you can tell The Heir brings out the princess side of me 😉 ❤

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Also ONCE UPON A TIME SEASON FINALE WOOP WOOP!! xD Review is going up on my YouTube channel for that.

– E.