Top 2013 Movies

*applauds* Well 2013 is nearly over folks. I have to say this year has been an interesting one filled with great and not so great things. But lets focus on the positives 😀

I have seen SOO many movies this year and yet I still need to watch a lot more. Anyway here is my list of what I thought were some pretty darn good films this year.

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1.) Star Trek: Into Darkness – I did a proper review on here about this movie. It was great and Benedict is an AWESOME actor. (If you don’t agree…I hope a dalek or cyberman goes to eat you *doctor who reference*).

2.) The Great Gatsby- I loved this movie soooo much that I got my school to do the senior prom themed Great Gatsby. I even gave myself a mini photo shoot 🙂

Callan McAuliffe was great in this film (the whole 40 seconds he was in lol), he plays young Jay Gatsby. Visually, musically, acting wise, this movie was phenomenal.

3.) Monsters University – If you don’t know already Mike Wizowski is my ultimate favorite disney character. I grew up with Monsters Inc. that movie was my CHILDHOOD and now watching Mike and Sully head of to university the same summer that I went to college…its amazing. I love how this film literally grew with me lol

4.) Jobs- Many people seem to have forgotten this fantastic movie about Steve Jobs and how the whole Apple company came to be (I’m not sure if its historically accurate to what really happened with Steve Jobs), but the story and the cinematic feel was superb.

5.) Ender’s Game- This movie is EPIC SCY-FY, now that I’m midway in the book I realized there’s a lot of stuff that happens in the book that they don’t include in the movie….BUT nonetheless the movie represented the story well (unlike PJO). Everyone that I know loved this movie (wether they read the book or not).

6.) The Book Thief- This is a HEART WARMING movie. Seriously I love how they portrayed the relationship between Hans and Liesel, Geoffrey Rush is an amazing actor (I still can’t believe he was Barbosa in Pirates). Not to mention he was amazing in the King’s Speech. Anyway, this movie and book are both BEAUTIFUL, it is on my list of best books/movies.

7.) Catching Fire- I don’t think I have to say anymore. They made the book into a movie and it was satisfying. Good job to the filmmakers for making the sequel to this franchise better than the first.

That’s all folks. I know I didn’t list many films like Hobbit, Gravity, 12 Years of Slave…etc… I have been meaning to watch them but I haven’t been able to. ALSO I have seen MANY films this year but I sat down and chose my ultimate favorites and I ended up with these seven films.

In other news I hope you all have a GREAT NEW YEARS!!!

Motivation Section: 2014 will be your year!

*claps* yay for motivational sections….wait what?




Anyway have a happy new year guys and thanks for reading!!! 😀



Whats All the Hype with Disney’s Frozen?

Alright so I’ve seen it all over tumblr, instagram, twitter, and from friends around me…they are all saying how AWESOME Frozen was. Now I’m a little skeptical….I’m a die hard disney classic fan my favorite princess is sleeping beauty, I love the old Cinderella cartoon (from the 50s)..and yea. Brave and Tangled were good but I didn’t know about Frozen, it looked like an interesting plot since this time there are two princess instead of one…and one of them has magical ice powers.

So I finally put to rest my curiosity and watched (I could’ve watched it earlier but you know…finals) and this is what I thought about….check out the vid below.

Well there you have it folks!

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Thanks for reading! Happy Holiday Vacations guys!!!


The Book Thief Movie Review

So I posted a video and it basically sums up my whole experience watching the screening of the Book Thief but I hardly talked about the movie…so this is the place where I get to share all my thoughts yay! *smiles sarcastically*

Anyway (to be honest) I read half of the book thief, I’ve been meaning to read the whole book for the past two years or so (don’t shun me). But the pile of books kept pilling up and I wanted to read Ender’s Game before the movie came out and I thought I would have enough time to do the same for The Book Thief…but sadly I proved myself wrong. Nanowrimo and schoolwork have literally been swalloing any and all of my free time. BUT December will be my reading month, woooo!!! 😀

Now lets get to the movie review.

This film was SPEC-TAC-U-LAR!!!! I’m pretty sure I mentioned that in my video. Anyhow, this movie really touched my emotions. From the start you see Liesel (the main character) and her mother in the train with her little brother and almost immediately we notice how hard her life is and even more so with the events that occur later on in the story. You really feel bad for the girl and then being taken to her new foster parents…its tough. But Sophie Nelisse delivered this character SUPURB-LY (not sure that’s an official word). Geoffrey Rush plays her foster father and the emotion and the connection he had with Sophie’s character onscreen is just beautiful. He portrayed the wonderful father daughter relationship that I’m sure so many people wish they had.

This movie is a tear jerker…I’m not gonna lie IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY. I don’t care if you are a 6ft buff guy…this movie will grab your heart and squeeze it until you cry.

Although the movie makes you cry it is very beautiful. I know in my video I recommended this movie for anyone and everyone but now that I think about it, children under the age of nine shouldn’t watch it (unless their parents think its cool than by all means they should go and watch it).


Thanks for reading and watching my vid, hopefully you guys will be able to watch (and if you have *virtual high five!*)


Catching Fire and The Day of the Doctor comes out this week!!!!!! eeeppp

Also for those who are participating in Nanowrimo…I feel you…its getting tougher…but we can complete the 50k!


Updates: Nano, Maze Runner, Allegiant, and The Book Thief

Hey guys so I felt like I really needed to post something so why not an Update vid!?

Yes, I was in a hurry while filming it that’s why it looks so rushed.

Quick side note:

Since I didn’t properly explain the Maze Runner that well I’ll just do it here.

The Maze Runner is an excellent novel. Lately the books that I’ve been reading have been good but they didn’t have the stay-up-all-night-cause-this-is-literally-crazy type of book. But The Maze Runner was the perfect book I’ve been wanting to read. It makes you care for these characters cause literally throughout the novel you’re pretty sure they’re gonna die…like there’s no hope…at all. (kinda like hunger games..not really…you get the point) So if you wanna read a good plot twisting, constantly curious, mysterious-ish, action packed book then the Maze Runner is the book for you!

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Why you SHOULD watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

I went into the movie theaters with high hopes and an open mind about this movie (I knew they changed directors and screen writers, so I assumed they figured out the mess up the first movie was). Since I’m a movie geek, I understand not all movies will be like the book it was based on. There are certain elements that have to be added to make a movie look like a MOVIE.

Recently I saw some videos on youtube on people’s thoughts about this movie and I seriously couldn’t finish watching their videos, they keep complaining about the actors and the dialog and how it made no sense (cause they kept comparing it to the book) *face palm*. When you are watching a movie you have to watch it AS A MOVIE not as a book.

Think about it if the Avengers would be a written book it would suck, but on screen it makes an amazing movie.

ANYWAY, I loved this movie. I understand very well its not exactly like the book but I think it held the overall story the book was trying to tell:  Three friends risking their lives to save their beloved camp.

^If that doesn’t sound like the book to you….then I don’t know what book you read.

Just like I say in my video below, I finished reading Percy Jackson and the Olympian series last week (no lie), so all the stories are fresh in my head.

The things this movie has:

1.) A little bit of all five books in one movie (if you think about it and watch the movie closely, you’ll find em)

2.) Comedy

3.) Mr. D is VERY much like his character in the book.

4.) Tyson is better than how I imagined him (think about it, a cyclops acting like a 2 year old on screen? That wouldn’t look right, I love how they changed him to fit into the movie)

5.) Special effects, spot on amazing.

Well thats about it for now.

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Star Trek Into Darkness

So today I went to watch this lovely film in 3-D, and let me tell you, this is no picnic movie.

The action is just as intense as you see it in the trailers (if not more).

In comparison to the first movie it is way…WAY more action pact and intense. Also…yes you can watch these films without any prior knowledge of Star Trek (you might be a bit confused but you’ll catch on to the plot of the movie).

What did you think about the plot?

If this would have been a book….it would have been predictable, and I think the way this was film kinda covers the plot a little bit. If you look back the whole movie is about Kirk and his team trying to get this bad guy (Khan) because he killed several people on earth and he holds a huge threat…but of course along the way there are many many complications…so I guess its not SO predictable as I said.

How did the characters get along?

I love how you see Kirk and Spock’s relationship, they can’t stand each other but they need each other and I enjoyed watching when Spock gets very intellectual in dangerous situations and everyone is like, “SHUT UP!”

As for Kirk you see how he follows his gut feelings and how much he really cares for his crew and the things he does to save their lives…even if it means breaking a whole lot of rules (something in which he is good at).

Epic-ness...told you theres alot of actionEpic-ness…told ya this film has a lot of action.


This was shot in 3-D, and just like any other movie in 3-D I HIGHLY recommend you watch in 3-D. This movie has stuff flying all over your face, things sticking out of the screen, etc…

Quick Sidenote: I know so many people that hate spending the money to watch a movie in 3-D and then they criticize the movie for being in 3-D…like wah? NO the movie was meant to be watched in 3-D so you should just watch it in 3-D it makes the movie experience 20x better and usually when its in 3-D they make the audio better (so thats a plus!). My advice to you…spend the little extra money and watch it in 3-D.

Scotty is hilarious Scotty is hilarious.

Who do you recommend watching this film?

Guys….its action pack and has sprinkles of comedic parts throughout the movie and a bit of romance but its mostly about the action and suspense. This is the type of movie teen guys would really enjoy. Actually anyone whose a fan of Star Trek and anyone who enjoys a well made movie would enjoy watching this.

*This movie has a lot of parts when its silent and then out of nowhere a loud explosion….so the surprise factor is pretty high.

-I wouldn’t recommend this  film for younger kids (it is rated PG-13)…just thought parents should know. But pre-teens can watch it.

Hey look....its Sherlock! lol

Overall I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would, it was nice seeing a well made action movie (seriously the filming was spectacular).

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P.S. The minute I saw Khan I was like….wait a minute….I know that guy….he plays Sherlock in the Sherlock series in the UK (or you can watch it on Netflix), just thought you guys might be interested in that piece of information.

Life of Pi Movie Review

Whats the movie about?

Life of Pi, is about a boy named Pi. Pi and his family were moving from India to Canada when a storm hit the ship, Pi was able to hold onto a life boat and was the only one to be on it, or so he thought. Several animals are in the life boat with him but in the end its only him and a bangle tiger, this movie is how he struggles to survive in the middle of the ocean and at the same time trying not to be eaten by a tiger, and how they both create a special bond.


This was an excellent plot, I thought I would get bored after a while (its about a boy who is stranded at sea…nothing much goes on there) but I was wrong. This had everything, comedy, love, adventure, action, suspense, and most of all many heart felt moments. The journey Pi goes through all his life trying to discover what he should believe in and his purpose is very inspiring.


I applaud Suraj Sharma, the way he acted and delivered the character of Pi was very well done. You can tell he put his heart into it.


This film has alot of CGI and it was in 3D, I thought it would look cheesy since most of it was animated but everything looked natural and flowed well. There is a scene where the water glows and it just looked so exquisite!


This movie is rated PG, it is safe for everyone in the family.


I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone, it is a very touching movie for everyone in the family no matter if your 10 or 90 years old I think anyone can relate to it.

My Thoughts:

Now I can see why this film was nominated for best Motion Picture. I’m not gonna lie but there were several parts in the movie that I was about to cry and in the end my eyes did water up a little. My favorite quote from the whole movie is, ” I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.” After Pi says that….wow…I was just about to cry. Overall beautiful movie, beautiful story, beautiful setting, well done. AND congratulations to the director Ang Lee, for winning Best Director in the Oscars for this movie, well done.


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